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Mobility Work is a Next Gen CMMS, mobile and community-based

Our vision of a CMMS(computerized maintenance management system)

Leveraging all the available and relevant technologies, Mobility Work CMMS provides technicians and experts with a next gen tool, smart, user-friendly, mobile in order to improve their equipment maintenance and their plant’s overall production performance.

How is Mobility Work CMMS different?


Mobile,just as you are

We increasingly use simple and mobile applications in our everyday lives. However, companies still use very constraining and user-unfriendly systems with very low added value. Mobility Work CMMS is accessible from any device and using it does not require any training.

Big Data

Future equipment and maintenance analysis will consist in crossing data, forecasting models and machine learning. Big Data will have a massive impact on decision-making processes and on maintenance service management. Mobility Work CMMS offers a simple and extremely powerful analytics tool. 


Tomorrow, companies will have to be more and more collaborative,increasingly sharing through internal and external communities. And so it will be for maintenance! Mobility Work CMMS enables the exchange of good practices, spare parts, opinions on suppliers.

Benefits of Mobility Work CMMS



Reduced intervention time,and less production shutdowns

Improved spare parts management


Improved decision making process


Improved intervention monitoring and scheduling

More precise maintenance budget monitoring

Improved communication with your coworkers about equipment

How to install Mobility Work CMMS ?



Classic CMMS systems providers would offer to install their system directly onto your servers,and would let your IT service team manage the software. Mobility Work maintenance system uses cloud-computing technologies,and does not require any installation or set up. Users are not required to carry out any IT management tasks. Updates are automatic and the system can be used any time and from any device (computer, mobile, tablet, glasses…).

Who can use our CMMS?



CMMS systems can be used by any types of industries,such as metallurgy, food processing, chemistry, pharmacy, etc. anywhere where maintenance operations are found, either on industrial equipment or buildings (public swimming pools, large-scale distributors,etc.).

What is the link between Mobility Work CMMS and the different departments of the company ?

Mobility Work CMMS can be used in different company departments in addition to maintenance,and should be considered as part of the heart of the company’s information system: everybody should easily find what he is looking for.



Monitoring ongoing maintenance operations,intervention requests management,and first-level maintenance.


Monitoring safety information(procedure,consignments,etc.) related to maintenance operations.


Monitoring and justifying tooling maintenance time.


Monitoring maintenance expenditures(spare parts consumption, service provider intervention, etc.).



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