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Here is how Mobility Work started out


    Purchase of a classic CMMS software for an industrial group

    Key observations from the industrial group:CMMS software is hard to implement,costly and provide low added value. Nowadays there are many everyday apps aiming at making our life easier(to book a train ticket for example). However,users are still challenged with complex software products in their professional lives. 


    First brainstorming on Mobility Work

    Mobility Work was first meant to be a maintenance monitoring mobile tool. But very soon an innovative idea was born: creating the first maintenance social network. Technicians from all around the world service the same machines and face the same technical issues. We want to connect them anonymously and let them share expertise,information and spare parts.


    First line of code

    Eager to experiment,the Mobility Work team developed a MVP version (Minimum Viable Product Version) with a few basic features.


    First factory equipped with Mobility Work

    Launch of the first tests in our pilot company:all pieces of equipment were registered within two days. No training was required for maintenance technicians. The product became viral,and users even logged in after work from their homes!


    First industrial group equipped with Mobility Work

    An industrial group,which has been trying to implement a classic CMMS solution for a year,believed in us and accepted to try Mobility Work. The product was deployed within 3 months. Every single piece of equipment of the industrial group was registered in the tool. All the group's maintenance technicians used it and were satisfied with the features. The community started growing, and users started sharing information on their equipment.


    Mobility Work participated in the CES 2016 in Las Vegas

    As part of the French Tech, Mobility Works participated in the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Many industrials who we met there were convinced by the concept so we decided to publicly launch the application.


    Official beginning of Mobility Work and public launch of the mobile app

    Official launch of Mobility Work. The product is adopted by it first clients who were eagerly waiting for it.


    29 000 machines registered

    Quick development of the product, with weakly updates as requested by users.


    100 000 machines registered

    A new stage is reached with 100 000 machines registered in the platform. Mobility Work is now used by many industrial groups and the community keeps growing.

The Power of Community:Improving Maintenance with Communication


Mobility Work's idea was born out of the need for quality performance, innovation and reliability. We faced a lot of difficulties while implementing classic CMMS solutions, which were expensive, complicated and user-unfriendly. Conventional software require a set up by a skilled IT team and long training sessions. 



Mobility Work's inspiration came from everyday life and common social networks. Initially we thought of a mobile tool, but very soon we realized that adding a community aspect would drastically change the product. As a matter of fact,most companies have similar machines and share same technical issues. Therefore we strongly believe that there is a need for real-time social networking.




Mobility Work’s main priority is usability,which goes hand in hand with time and cost efficiency. Our product does not require any training or IT skills. Maintenance engineers and technicians usually manage to master all the features within one day. Updates are frequent and may be initiated by users, which are at the heart of the product. We are committed to providing everyday our customers with the most satisfying user experience.




Mobility Work gathers all maintenance-related information in one place and allow users to gain time and perform efficiency. Mobility Work belongs to a new generation of innovative startups and we are proud to be part of the FrenchTech move.




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