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Mobile CMMS Eases Daily Maintenance Routines

There is no doubt that the fast-paced evolution of technology in the last few decades has a major impact on manufacturing. Some of the most groundbreaking advancements include 3D-printed spare parts, mobile CMMS, connected sensors for improved maintenance management operations and social networks to exchange best practices. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are about to radically transform the way companies are organized and the way entire economic environments are structured. Big Data can make every move predictable and the arrival of digital technologies, cobots and additive manufacturing leads to the complete rethinking of the way assets and production cycles work.

But one of the advances that impact the industry in particular is mobility and the arrival of numerous industrial mobile applications, such as ERPs and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. The main advantage for an organization of mobility integration is greater production accuracy and speed. The process results in improved communication, collaboration and of course faster responsiveness to deadlines.

But despite all these proven benefits and the fact that mobility technology delivers game-changing results, many companies didn’t dare yet to make the step towards industry 4.0 and didn’t switch their maintenance to a mobile maintenance application whether for cultural, management or financial reasons.

The Mobile CMMS: Myths and Truths

Myth Nr. 1: The deployment Requires Substantial IT Knowledge

There are many solutions on the market that might require additional IT trainings and even the employment of a new workforce. This is what makes Mobility Work, next-gen maintenance management platform, different. The user-friendliness is the core concept of the solution, which is so easy and intuitive to use that users are not expected to have any knowledge of it.

Myth Nr. 2: A mobile maintenance management software Is Expensive

Smart, next-gen maintenance management software doesn’t need to be expensive. You can use Mobility Work for only 30 euros per user per month. Get to know Our Pricing.

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All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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Myth Nr.3: The Staff is Never Going to Get Used to It

The main goal of our team was to create a maintenance tool that would ease daily maintenance interventions. Mobility Work was created and developed by maintenance professionals knowing the difficulties of the sector. Usually, one of the first things that our customers emphasize on is the readiness of the team to use the asset management software immediately, convinced by the user-friendly interface.

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The main problem is that many companies in any sector consider maintenance as a cost and not as a profit center. Maintenance management in these companies is based on emergency actions, which on the one hand makes maintenance technicians experience their work as a real hell and on the other hand results in catastrophic losses for the organization. The reason for the problem is often due to the company’s culture but as well to the lack of investment in the industrial park and also in tools such as reliable maintenance management software to improve the management of maintenance operations.

Particularly in these companies the benefits of the deployment of a mobile maintenance application can be registered very fast, since the tool is completely and quickly transforming the daily life of the maintenance operations and the technicians who carry them out.

The 4 Most Valuable Benefits of a Mobile CMMS

1. Improved Spare Parts Management

There's nothing worse than a maintenance technician running around and looking for spare parts. This only results in huge amounts of wasted time and interrupted production cycles.

Mobility Work’s mobile app allows maintenance technicians to consult a whole range of information about spare parts on their smartphones, including location in the store, stock value and technical documentation.

The integration of QR codes enables technicians to release these loose pieces by simply scanning a QR Code. They will also be able to improve the management of their inventory by updating stock values on the mobile maintenance application directly on their smartphones.

Companies can interface as well their ERP with their maintenance management software to allow maintenance technicians to access a whole range of information without having to connect to a software interface that is not suited to their needs.

2. Better Management of Preventive Maintenance Routines

Preventive maintenance is good but can be difficult to set up. The advantage of the Mobility Work mobile maintenance management software is that it allows service technicians to quickly access from their smartphones all operations planned to be performed on this day.

Each operation can be associated with one or more checklists that can be filled while maintaining the machine. Technicians will also be able to receive real-time alerts regarding failures on critical equipment and thus intervene quickly.

Simplicity, responsiveness and improved communication are the first major results of the establishment of a mobile CMMS.

3. Continuous Follow-Up on Maintenance Operations

Receiving all the information in real time, whether via the Mobility Work newsfeed on your mobile phone or via a system of notifications and alerts improve the reactivity of all the actors associated with the intervention in progress.

The integration of multimedia documents, such as photos, videos or sounds will also support ongoing maintenance operations, and if similar breakdowns occur, will provide additional information and reduce downtime. The information is then available anywhere and anytime from a smartphone in Mobility Work.

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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4. Team Motivation

The deployment of conventional computerized maintenance management system can be sometimes a long and laborious process, resulting in loss of time and user difficulties, which are often the main reasons to make such a project fail. The integration of a mobile asset management software is easier since this is an application that looks familiar to the ones that we are all used to in our daily lives.

The ability to take photos, scan QR codes, make comments with the smartphone bring huge advantages for maintenance technicians. In general, the organization of information is far easier on a mobile CMMS than on paper or Excel sheets.

The deployment of the Mobility Work mobile CMMS gives you the opportunity to switch to a highly dynamic maintenance process, offering you a tool that responds to your needs and is easy to use. The solution is available on Android and iOS devices.

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