5 Best Arguments to Convince Your Team to Adopt a CMMS

The adoption of a CMMS is an important decision for a company’s management. Very often, business owners don’t dare to make this step, thinking that employees might find it difficult and too “high-tech”. Sometimes, the “Excel habit” appears so convenient despite the fact that it is a time-wasting process for maintenance employees without really delivering any significant result on machines’ availability and reliability.

Experienced senior employees are doubtless one of the most precious company’s assets. Very often, the management team doesn’t want to confront them with extreme changes of their working habits that might completely disrupt their maintenance routines.

As many of you have already understood, the shift to digitalization is inevitable and those who don’t make it are losing competitive advantage. The implementation of a maintenance management system is a milestone on the way of a company’s growth.

The Implementation of a Next-Gen CMMS Is Easy, Fast, Intuitive

Recent maintenance management solutions have been especially created to ease the work of maintenance technicians of any age regardless of their IT skills. They usually feature a user-friendly interface and don’t require any additional training.

Here are the 5 undeniable benefits of a smart CMMS for maintenance professionals that you can use to easily convince your team in the value that a solution like this will add:

Improved Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency depends a lot on technicians’ schedule, the urgency and the difficulty level of the tasks that they have been assigned to. Very often due to a lack of communication between the different departments of the company, assets can remain unrepaired for longer time, which would lead to longer production stops and unhappy customers. Also, spare parts can be ordered in larger quantities than needed or important ones can be entirely missing.

In a very first place, a CMMS allows maintenance managers to schedule all upcoming interventions and to plan some workforce for emergency breakdowns.

By accessing 24/7 machine’s history of previous interventions, the time needed for the next ones can be roughly calculated. If needed, alerts can be immediately sent to the responsible technicians. At any given time of the day, every team member knows what his or her colleagues are working on.

Better Spare Parts Management

There is nothing more annoying for a maintenance employee than discovering the lack of a highly critical spare part in the middle of a machine’s breakdown. With a maintenance management software, situations like this are coming to an end. The improved accuracy in managing all maintenance documents related to all past, present and future interventions on assets can drastically improve inventory management. The integration of a QR code on every single asset provides valuable insights into its maintenance and spare parts stock in a second.

A CMMS saves you precious time and significant amount of money by identifying the criticality level of every single asset and the exact amount of the required most and less important spare parts.

More Reactive and More Responsive with The Mobile Application

The mobile application allows you to carry 24/7 your asset management software in your pocket. At the shop floor or at the office, you are always informed about any single action happening in your team. It doesn’t matter what information you need, image, a Word file, equipment maintenance records or sensor data, you can have them all anytime and anywhere. If you are a manager, you can immediately assign an emergency task to the right person. But that’s not all!

A smart CMMS is usually a versatile maintenance management platform. Mobility Work for example is offering its customers the access to the 1st Maintenance Social Network as well as to a shared marketplace where machine and consumable manufacturers get connected with other industrial players as managers, maintenance technicians and production managers.

mobile asset management software

All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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Reduced Emergency Breakdowns Thanks to Predictive Maintenance

By streamlining the daily maintenance routines, a maintenance management software facilitates the performance of scheduled preventive actions. In contrast to reactive maintenance where “assets run until they break”, preventive routines are timely scheduled based on various criteria (condition-monitoring data, manufacturers’ recommendations, maintenance history) to anticipate a potential problem before it happens. A maintenance manager can create a maintenance plan for the upcoming weeks according to the production stops, and assign a team to every task. Stressful situations because of unplanned failures are easily avoided, all interventions are pre-programmed and each employee knows his tasks.

cmms maintenance software solution

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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By organizing the entire plant’s maintenance cycle, a next-gen CMMS creates more space for the team to evolve.

Once feeling confident with the established preventive maintenance routines, employees are usually willing to go further. Next step could be the installation of condition monitoring practices through sensors mounted on the most critical equipment and predictive maintenance actions.

Improved Overall Plant's Performance

Maintenance professionals are carrying very high responsibilities for the expected performance of all machines, the production output and the delivery deadlines. This is a dynamic job requiring a lot of skills and knowledge. Mobility Work was created to simplify the daily actions of maintenance professionals, to help them organize their day.

The better traceability of maintenance operations and tools and the better realization of all maintenance plans result in improvement of labor productivity. Everybody is happy to work in an organized and safe environment. Furthermore, the higher completion rate on maintenance tasks means less money spent on machine repair and improved KPIs.

The adoption of a next-gen CMMS like Mobility Work simplifies the daily tasks of the maintenance team and leads to substantial time and cost savings.

Nowadays, the implementation of an asset management software is a must for successful production cycles. Very often, conventional solutions are expensive and difficult to adopt by the employees because of their lack of user-friendliness. The intuitive interface of Mobility Work makes users understand the solutions without special assistance or additional trainings.

When creating the product, our team got inspired by daily mobile applications that we all use. A next-gen CMMS should be versatile, smart and easy to use in order to correspond to the needs of maintenance professionals.

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