9 Things To Know About Industry 4.0 And Maintenance In 2020

There is a saying that it is easier to build than to maintain. I guess the individual who made such statement was in a time where the definition of “building” was not comprehensive. Just as you will not just build a website, install woocommerce smart coupons or woocommerce name your price and leave it at that. Permit me to digress a little. The world is evolving and things are no more as they were. The digitalization of many things tend to come with its own load. The load is on the collection, storing, analyzing, processing and interpretation of data. Back to the matter at hand, industry 4.0. I will not bore you will details. Instead, I will try to go straight to the point.

Industry 4.0 or I4.0 is about the Internet of Things and the internet of people. The aim of this innovation was to ensure interconnection, information transparency, increase technical assistance and decentralized decisions. Simply put, the aim of this innovation was to ensure human and machine efficiency by allowing machines make certain autonomous decisions.

In a time like this with so much data available, autonomy and maintenance are key. I am sure you know a lot about industry 4.0 especially its history if you are a data or tech enthusiast. I am not a fan of telling people the features of a particular thing but the benefits of using those features.

Industry 4.0 is about machine working with minimal intervention. The question becomes, “how do we benefit from it”? This article will enlighten you further by telling you 9 things you should know about 4.0 and maintenance in 2020. In other words, you will understand the importance of industry 4.0 in maintenance. You will also understand how manufacturers can benefit from it.

Companies will be able to make predicted maintenance or repairs

This is one of the components and benefits of 4.0, companies be able to do more of pro-acting than reacting when it comes to maintenance. There will be provisions to predict when a machine requires repair and when it will no longer function properly.

More attention to collecting accurate data

Considering the importance of data in this age of this industry, companies will pay more attention to accurate data collection. This is because this industry will be more about data analysis.

Industry 4.0 will ensure easier and faster decision-making

With proper information comes proper analysis and interpretation. With these available, you cannot go wrong with the decisions you make. All companies need to do is to ensure that collect the right data and the machines will take it up from there in terms of analysis, interpretation and presentation. This is exactly the aim of a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), which helps you gather data about your equipment.

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Mobility Work is a community-based maintenance management platform provided with an analytic tool to help you analyze all your maintenance data and adapt your strategy

Significant reduction in the cost of maintenance

With the ability to predict the need for repairs and general maintenance, companies will be able to cut down on the cost of maintenance. Who said information is not power. This means that there will be no more sudden breakdowns or unexpected needs for maintenance.

Significant reduction in the cost of running companies

The major cost of running a company is the cost of maintaining that company. If you are able to reduce the cost of maintenance, you will reduce the cost of running that company by a significant amount. With the ability to predict maintenance, you are already able to reduce the cost of maintenance. So, do the math.

Better service delivery and reliability

Information is power. One reason why most firms cannot meet the specific needs of their various customers is that they lack the ability to cope with such demands. Do you know that Rolls Royce produce their cars on a per customer basis? This implies that a customer can tell them what exactly he wants his or her Rolls Royce to have and it will be so. With 4.0, companies will be able to do that, as the tools to deal with such large data will be available. Your customers will be able to make specific demands and you will meet them.

Companies to incorporate advanced forms off technologies

To make my previous point possible, companies will have to embrace the drivers of 4.0 (artificial intelligence, cloud technology and internet of things). Without these in place, it will not be possible for companies to cope with the amount of data they will be handling.

Companies to digitalize their products and services

The chain of supply will no longer end with the consumer, it will end at the product. Companies will digitalize and track their products and services.  This is also part of increasing service delivery.

Automation will not render you jobless

This is a baseless fear unless you are not ready to improve yourself. While there is internet of things, there is also internet of people. This means that even recent technology is not taking the “people-ware” component out of it. All it demands is that you become tech savvy and learn to work with the new system.

Change is important and we cannot do anything about it. The best we can do is to incorporate it and make the most out of it. Despite the initial resistance, more companies are buying into industry 4.0 and it not just for the sake of repairs. It promises a lot in terms of efficient running of an organization.

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