Adopt a CMMS to get ready for a new maintenance year

September is the perfect time of the year for assessment: once the technical shutdown is over, a major stage in a plant’s life, the time has come to deploy a CMMS software to start this new academic year serenely.

Asset management, smooth communication, exchange of information, better visibility on operations carried out, production optimization, implementation of a new industrial maintenance strategy… All of these arguments prove that plants have everything to gain by opting for a next-gen mobile CMMS that is intuitive, easy to use and above all capable of meeting their needs.

Draw up a post-technical shutdown assessment

After this transitional period of technical shutdown, a challenging time for many plants, companies are ready to resume operations and develop their productivity to meet their production objectives. Generally, August is devoted to renovating equipment or even buildings, maintaining or replacing machines and inventory and then ordering spare parts.

This period presents certain challenges and requires a great deal of organization between the various departments, in order to achieve optimal coordination between maintenance managers, external service providers and Purchasing. There are numerous consequences after a technical shutdown and industrial maintenance teams must be able to return to their jobs by the end of August to start this new school year as serenely as possible.

What better time than September to opt for a CMMS (computerized maintenance management) solution that can save you time and help you optimize and improve your production, among other things?

Providing teams with a CMMS: a prerequisite for optimized industrial maintenance

Why traditional CMMS solutions are obsolete

The time has come to take stock of the situation: traditional maintenance management software is very expensive and not well accepted by the teams in the field. They are often difficult to use and waste precious time. Now is a particularly good time to draw such conclusions and reflect on how your teams have managed the maintenance of the machine fleet so far.

Some factories are not equipped with any software at all and must contend with the difficulties caused by such a configuration: poor communication within the teams and between the different shifts, crucial loss of information on the interventions carried out, lack of daily, weekly or monthly visibility, poor monitoring of general maintenance needs in the factory... So many negatives that affect your productivity and can have dramatic consequences on your production lines and on all the structure's activity.

Maintenance should be digitalized

Next-gen CMMS software is now much more suited to the current needs of factories since it allows you to serenely start a digital transition by rethinking the uses of field teams. The multiple benefits of such a solution, like Mobility Work, lead to improvements on many levels: team flexibility, better resource management, fluid communication between teams, no more loss of information, rapid intervention...

Moreover, Mobility Work is available in SaaS mode on PC, tablet and mobile phone, which means that technicians can enter information directly into the software without having to go back and forth to the office: once they are in front of the equipment they have to work on, they simply scan the QR code (previously installed on the machine) to access the equipment sheet recorded in the application. They can also tag their colleagues on tasks and activities: they will immediately receive a notification informing them of a need on a machine.

The Mobility Work maintenance platform is also community-based. This means that technicians are proactive and can easily communicate with each other. Thanks to its intuitive interface and news feed, the solution allows users to visualize, in a few seconds, all the activity of their factory.

cmms timeline maintenance community

Mobility Work CMMS is based on a community of users who exchange and follow their plant’s activity thanks to the newsfeed

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You can also share your maintenance data with your plant, industrial group or even the entire Mobility Work community, depending on the parameters you have chosen. This kind of next gen software helps maintenance evolve and enables teams to adapt their strategy to their needs.

Approach this new maintenance year serenely

To approach this new year of maintenance serenely while capitalizing on all the renovation work carried out during the summer, maintenance managers can offer their teams a new maintenance management tool that satisfies their needs perfectly.

By choosing to deploy such an intuitive CMMS, whether the users are technicians, managers or service providers, you will be able to get your activity off to a flying start for this new school year. Teams will register the entire equipment fleet in the solution and obtain all the information they need on their smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks.

Meanwhile, it is a good time to reflect on the industrial maintenance strategy you wish to apply, since this is the ideal time to draw some conclusions about your operations.

cmms analytic tool dashboard

Mobility Work CMMS is provided with an analytic tool to help you analyze all your maintenance data and adapt your strategy

Thanks to Mobility Work, you have access to an analytic Dashboard tool, which aggregates data thanks to the information provided in the platform by users: most performed tasks, most problematic equipment, most common repairs, the most active users... All these indicators show you the potential flaws in your production and help you adapt your maintenance to move towards a preventive or predictive strategy. Thanks to this solution, you ultimately instill a sense of innovation among the teams for which it is intended.

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