CMMS: How to Choose the Right software for Your Organization?

CMMS: How to Choose the Right software  for Your Organization?

If you are still executing your maintenance tasks using a paper or Excel-based system then we recommend you to take a look at Mobility Work CMMS tutorials and consider the following support materials:

The fact that Excel sheets still work fine for you doesn’t mean that this is the best solution. Implementing the right CMMS would significantly improve and radically change the maintenance management at your facility towards a cheaper, more effective and more efficient approach.

How to choose the right solution for your business among hundreds available on the market? Where to start when looking for a CMMS and what to look for?

The truth is that the choice of a maintenance management system is a very complex decision that most of all depends on the future growing plans of the company. A “good” choice is generally based on the technical characteristics of the solution, its ergonomics and of course its cost. As a business owner or a maintenance manager, before choosing a maintenance management software you have to set clear goals and plan measurable outcomes.

Answering the following question will help you define your objectives and finally speed up the implementation of the solution.

Why Would You Need a CMMS?

In short a Computerized Maintenance Management System helps you plan your maintenance interventions, control assets and inventory and significantly reduce the amount of time required collecting and analyzing data. There are countless other benefits that a maintenance management software can bring to your organization, but the most important ones can be summarized as follow:

  • Shifting from reactive to preventive and predictive maintenance

As you have most probably know: Avoiding breakdowns is much more cost efficient than simply waiting for them to happen and react. The only way to break the vicious circle is moving to a preventive maintenance approach and fixing equipment before it breaks. With a good maintenance management software you can keep track of all performed maintenance interventions and set time- and meter reading-based notifications. As soon as a technician notices a problem, he or she can share it with the team via the system and immediately get the right diagnosis and support.

cmms software maintenance management

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Once a preventive maintenance routine has been established, most of the business owners feel ready to think bigger and take a step towards digitalization. A next-gen CMMS as Mobility Work can be easily integrated with all existing organization’s systems as ERPs and deliver most accurate data for predictive algorithms.

  • Optimizing Time

Mobility Work not only decreases but also completely eliminates the time used for finding and filling out papers. The Maintenance Management Platform stores all relevant information reports, requests, ongoing issues, spare parts information and many more in a single searchable database. A technician simple needs to login from any smart device to access it or edit new or existing information. A maintenance management software helps maintenance managers prioritize the most critical repairs and increases the time technicians spent actually maintaining assets.

  • Improving Company’s Overall Performance

A CMMS can be used for internal communication between the different facilities. Every company member should be able to access the central database of assets and procedures and check who is responsible for what work, what work is overdue and what is in progress. Mobility Work exceeds the limits of a conventional maintenance solution and offers its users a communication platform where maintenance technicians and manufacturers can get in contact with other professionals related to their industry as spare parts suppliers or freelancers.

The Action Plan

Once you are convinced that an asset management software can significantly contribute to the improvement of your company’s maintenance routines, it is time to make an action plan. The most important thing is to consult the people who are going to use the maintenance management software on a daily basis. Forming a CMMS selection team will help you better define the functionalities you are looking for and shorten the long list of software providers. After requesting a demonstration of each system, you will be most probably ready to take the right decision.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing a maintenance management software for Your Organization?

The following 3 factors are very important to consider when taking the final purchasing decision.

  1. Business Size

Typically, bigger the company is, more functionalities are requested. However, solutions as Mobility Work are extremely flexible and adaptable to different volumes. The product can serve for small businesses looking for a simple solution, continuously evolving companies and big enterprises.

  1. Cost, Trainings and Usability

For sure you wouldn’t find a maintenance management software for free, but keep in mind as well that a high-quality product doesn’t have to cost a lot. For only 30 Euros per maintenance technician and per month, your Mobility Work license will provide you with an access to all the platform functionalities. No additional fees are necessary for production technicians licenses, hardware or any other equipment or support! Thanks to the product’s high usability and intuitive design, Mobility Work is very easy to understand and to operate with without further trainings or additional staff. We offer our users comprehensive support tutorials and if there is the need, we are always ready to answer any arising questions or concerns.

  1. Adaptability to Latest Digital Trends

Nowadays, technology is constantly evolving. Industry 4.0 trends are occupying all areas of business, provoke technology leaps and require software that is flexible and adaptable enough to change with the time.

asset management software free

Mobility Work's mobile application supports your technicians' daily activities and allows them to gain flexibility.

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Cloud-based mobile solutions with an API (an application programming interface) that helps the maintenance management software to communicate with other computers, ERPs, applications, smart devices and other equipment are considered the best choice.

Furthermore, since its very beginning, Mobility Work has been providing frequent updates to its customers, continuously releasing important improvements and new functionalities.

Choosing a asset management software is the first step, but still remains only one step of a process. Successfully implementing the product and integrating it with other vital systems at your organization is crucial for the longevity of the entire operation. The adoption of a next-gen maintenance management software at a company has 3 important objectives. The first one is to inform about performed interventions, spare parts inventory and technicians’ activities. The second one is to organize all these huge amounts of data in a searchable, well-ordered database and to prepare, plan and initiate maintenance work. And the third objective is to manage maintenance, reliability and availability at an optimum cost.

Mobility Work is a Next Gen Maintenance Management Platform, offering at the same time a CMMS, a social media and a marketplace, connecting various industrial players with maintenance technicians and managers. We are committed to improving and streamlining equipment maintenance.

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