Why choose a SaaS CMMS?

For several years, CMMS solutions have multiplied and, above all, diversified. Traditional software, purchased and then installed on the company's premises, are being replaced by a SaaS CMMS, used remotely with a subscription.

The transition is gradual, but more and more companies are adopting this solution. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Why choose a SaaS CMMS?


How does SaaS work?

CMMS in SaaS mode is the result of considerable technological progress in the recent decades.

SaaS software

Saas mode (software as a service or subscribeware) is a relatively new concept that allows users to subscribe to software remotely, rather than buying it and installing it on their computer (on-site). It is therefore a commercial exploitation software model in which the software is installed on remote servers. Customers do not pay for one single version, but for a subscription that allows them to use the service online.

A SaaS solution includes the joint delivery of resources, services and know-how that allow companies to fully outsource part of their IT functions. It is therefore a cost of operation rather than an investment as with conventional software.

The main current applications of this model are:

  • The customer relationship manager (CRM);
  • Human Resources Management;
  • Messaging;
  • Purchasing management;
  • Videoconferencing.

In recent years, other applications of the SaaS model have appeared, such as CMMS 4.0.

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Advantages and disadvantages of SaaS

The main advantages of a SaaS solution are as follows:

  • The absence of heavy IT investment;
  • The scalability of the tool: it can be adapted to the needs of the company - no need to invest in software licenses and internal server capacities;
  • Regular software updates;
  • Data Secure Storage;
  • 24-hour access to data stored with the service provider.

In summary, outsourcing through SaaS mode allows companies to relieve themselves of the constraints related to hosting, operating and maintaining the software. In addition, the cost of a SaaS service constitutes a deductible expense from the company's results, while investing in a closed-source software can only be deducted by means of depreciation over several years.

As for the disadvantages of SaaS, they are relatively few. Some users regret a certain form of dependence induced by the use of an external service provider. From a practical point of view, if its servers fail, the company will be affected. This is why it is important to choose a solution that has been proven over time.

In addition, some service providers offer a billing system which may ultimately lead to higher costs than software installed internally, if many users use the SaaS solution. Here too, it is important to be vigilant before committing.

The advantages of SaaS CMMS

Compared to a traditional solution, the use of SaaS CMMS has many advantages.

Very fast deployment

The first advantage of SaaS CMMS is its very rapid deployment. While a classic on-site CMMS software is particularly heavy and long to install, a SaaS solution will be ready to use within just a few clicks.

A solution like Mobility Work hardly requires any training for maintenance teams, unlike older CMMS software. Designed on the model of everyday applications, it is indeed extremely easy to learn and use, as soon as it has been set up.

No heavy investment

The main advantage of SaaS CMMS probably lies here: it does not involve any significant investment. In a Computerized maintenance management system, this feature is particularly valuable.

On the one hand, choosing a CMMS software is generally a complicated exercise. Among the variety of the offer available, you have to find a tool that is both efficient and profitable, and adapted to the characteristics of your business. There are many examples of “bad choices”. The possibility of testing a solution before adopting it is definitively very useful and will allow you to avoid making a bad investment. SMEs and VSEs will be particularly sensitive to this argument.

On the other hand, the considerable investment involved in traditional CMMS software means that the same solution must be kept for years, even if it is no longer adapted to the evolution of the company and its maintenance. With SaaS CMMS, it is possible to change the service provider or to change the subscription formula to adapt it to new needs.

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Frequent updates

Unlike on-site software, SaaS CMMS application like Mobility Work is being updated very regularly (every 15 days). This allows users to benefit from a maintenance management tool that is constantly efficient and adapted to changes in both the general technological environment and their own needs. The application works in community mode: the opinions and feedback of its users are analyzed and taken into account for each update.

SaaS CMMS, an unlimited accessibility

Adopting Saas CMMS allows you to access to it at any time and from any connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone), which is impossible with on-site software. This mobile accessibility is very useful for carrying out, recording and planning maintenance operations, but also for analyzing the maintenance strategy. During periods when teleworking is strongly recommended or, in certain cases, an obligation, this accessibility becomes almost essential.

Choosing SaaS CMMS has both financial and practical consequences. By outsourcing the management cost of this IT tool, the company frees itself from the burden and risk of a heavy and engaging investment. By offering more agility and mobility than older CMMS software, the SaaS CMMS solution allows significant productivity gains and a stronger commitment of maintenance teams to a logic of continuous improvement.

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