CMMS: benefits for the cosmetics industry

Like all industries, the cosmetics sector is facing its own challenges. Because of its place in the world economy (more than 200 billion euros of turnover in 2018), all production must be based on clearly established processes and perfectly optimized industrial machine maintenance. To meet this requirement factories turn towards CMMS software solutions.

The cosmetics industry has established itself as a major part of the French economy, according to data compiled by FEBEA ("Fédération des Entreprises de la Beauté"), the French Federation for Beauty Companies, it achieved a turnover of 10 billion euros in 2017. France even occupies a dominant position in this market with its production exported worldwide. French exports of beauty products amounted to 13.6 billion euros in 2017. In the end, the European Union is the world's largest cosmetics market place (€77 billion).

In this context, what challenges is this industry facing? What issues do factories face to ensure smooth production? How can they meet the needs of maintenance professionals working directly in the field? How does the implementation of CMMS software (computerized maintenance management system) in this context guarantee sustainable production and simplify the work of industrial maintenance teams?

The main concern: quality compliance

Cosmetic factories know that they cannot ignore applicable quality standards under any circumstances. The various teams must comply with the numerous procedures established at their production site: the entire industry applies and follows strict rules to meet very precise specifications.

The same thing applies to health issues, which are also a key concern for companies in the sector: guaranteeing the health of consumers is of vital importance in order to offer them a reliable and quality product. These issues are at the heart of the concerns of factories in the sector, which must, for example, acquire the ISO 22716 standard, which describes good manufacturing practices and covers the issues of "production, control, packaging, storage and transport of cosmetics".

Quality, health and safety standards are therefore set out in technical documents, which are the reference supports for manufacturing sites. It is important that every link in the production chain has access to it, hence the importance of providing teams with maintenance management software. This software is a way to recentralize team communication in environments where information loss is as frequent as it is serious. Mobility Work, next-generation maintenance management platform, is a mobile and web SaaS application, which is also the first maintenance social network: for example, users access a news feed where all the plant's activities are compiled in real time.

cmms maintenance plans

Mobility Work allows technicians to be more independant: creating tasks and maintenance plans, receiving notifications for new activities...

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This platform is also a way for users to make all the technical documents that they work with a daily basis available to everyone. With a single click, everyone can access the information they are looking for. The same goes for documentation and other information related to machines: users create equipment sheets directly in their CMMS and can add all the files (video, document, photo, sound...) they deem necessary. The objective is to further centralize information to ensure a smooth exchange of information between the different teams (day shift, night shift, production, etc.).

A CMMS to optimize production

Given the production requirements of companies in the cosmetics sector, finding the right tool to facilitate industrial maintenance and implement the right strategy is essential.

Communicate to ensure successful industrial maintenance

In view of the staggering sums generated by the cosmetics industry, the factories in this sector have huge production volumes to manage. It is crucial that field teams can track orders and stock levels in order to have a comprehensive view of production. The flow is constant and the monitoring should be as well: team leaders must be able to oversee this data, to anticipate the slightest difficulty.

In this context, it goes without saying that all equipment must be versatile and, above all, in perfect condition, in order to avoid the risk of slowing down the production chain and generating significant losses, both financial and material. At the same time, industrial maintenance teams have a pivotal role to play in this environment, since they must be responsive and able to locate breakdowns and malfunctions that occur on machines very quickly. In addition, the tasks to be carried out by the teams are often very specific and highly technical: it is essential to ensure smooth communication.

Consequently, there is no longer any question about whether or not to deploy a high-performance, intuitive and easy-to-use computerized maintenance management software. The tool is essential to ensure fast and efficient industrial maintenance interventions. In Mobility Work CMMS, technicians and managers centralize information: in addition to the news feed, users can create tasks and activities and assign members of their network, who will receive a notification.

cmms mobile app timeline

Mobility Work is built around a community of users who use the app to communicate with each other and stay aware of their factory's latest news using the timeline feature

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Monitor your maintenance indicators in your CMMS

Available as a mobile app, the solution allows teams move around the factory carrying only their phones and yet have all the necessary information at their fingertips, which makes their interventions easier. For example, they can scan the machine’s QR code or NFC chip to view, in the application, the information related to a piece of equipment.

With Mobility Work, you can install sensors on your machines and retrieve all their data directly in the application. These sensors are highly important since they will inform field teams of malfunctions: abnormally high engine temperature, suspicious vibrations, low oil level...

Also, Mobility Work CMMS is equipped with an analytics tool accessible to all its users, which allows them to obtain all their maintenance data in graph form. View on different graphs which machines that required the most hours of intervention, the type of work most often performed... Thus, users are able to assess their interventions and identify issues in their production line to set up a predictive maintenance strategy.

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Manage your service providers thanks to your CMMS

If you work in the cosmetics industry, you probably already know that companies often use service providers because there are so many links in the production chain and so many different types of interventions are required.

Here again, Mobility Work allows you to manage the interventions of your service providers smoothly and efficiently: they can create a free profile and access your factory’s activity. The team leader can, for example, create detailed tasks and assign them to his service provider, so that he is informed, in the software and by email, and can intervene quickly. This platform is also an opportunity to make your specifications and all your technical documentation available to these service providers, who will be able to access them in a few clicks. Finally, this solution allows you to set up the geolocation of all your equipment so that external operators can easily find their way around the plant and intervene quickly.

Next-gen CMMS software can now be adapted to the needs of many sectors, particularly those of the cosmetics industry. Industrial maintenance requirements are multiple, so it is essential to centralize information and give field teams access to all the data they need. The implementation of a solution such as Mobility Work, as well as regular maintenance indicators monitoring, will allow for process optimization and a sustained production rate, in response to the growing demand from the cosmetics sector.

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