CMMS: Our Guide To Best Adopt Your New Tool

In this article, we provide you with a practical guide on how to easily adopt the mobile and next-gen CMMS that is Mobility Work.

You will find in it:

  • The reasons why more and more companies are deploying digital maintenance management tools;
  • Feedback from companies that have chosen a next-gen CMMS software;
  • Tools and tips for adopting Mobility Work, the first community-based maintenance management platform.

Discover how to set up your CMMS in a few days thanks to our support material!

Why deploy a next-gen CMMS?

While the importance of having a maintenance management software for any company is no longer in question, traditional solutions are still too often the ones that companies turn to in the first place. Yet, it is widely acknowledged that they are now deprecated in comparison with the actual needs of maintenance teams in the field.

Difficult to deploy, impossible to get up and running quickly, low adoption by teams because they are out of step, unreachable customer support, sometimes huge investments, outdated screens and techniques... These are all arguments that have been hammered home by organizations that had chosen traditional software before turning to a more recent solution, this time one that is truly in line with the needs of the field.

The Mobility Work maintenance management platform was developed in the FMGC (Fonderie et Mécanique Générale Castelbriantaise) plant of Farinia Group in 2015, after they tried in vain to set up several traditional maintenance management software. It was precisely on the basis of the above observations that Marc-Antoine Talva (founder of Mobility Work), then in charge of their deployment as part of his apprenticeship, decided to create his own maintenance management solution. Once launched and still in beta version, the solution was deployed and adopted in the 10 factories of the group within six weeks.

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These companies that have chosen Mobility Work

These are the same reasons that have often led our customers to opt for our community-based maintenance management platform.

Saint Gobain deploys Mobility Work internationally

At the beginning of 2018, we met Dominique Domas, in charge of the reliability maintenance activity at the Saint Gobain Sekurit head office. The solution was then being tested at the Aniche site and has since been extended to 27 other of the group’s plants.

“Mobility Work stands out from other CMMS tools, which are very structuring and constraining in terms of data registration, and limit the possibilities in terms of customization according to the own needs of the company.

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Danone Waters adopts a next-gen CMMS

It was also in 2018 that we exchanged with Franck Maillot, then Head of Engineering and Maintenance at Danone Waters. At the beginning of that year, the company, after having closely followed the development of Mobility Work at Farinia Group, turned to the CMMS solution. Convinced by its ease of use and flexibility, it has now deployed the tool to some of its sites overseas.

“Working with a start-up has a lot of benefits. We have a solution that is constantly evolving and that is really interesting to use.

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L'Oréal group convinced by Mobility Work

As Matthieu Droulers, Performance Manager at L'Oréal, explained to us, the maintenance management tool was first introduced to the maintenance teams at his plant at the end of 2017, before being unanimously adopted by the site. The group's pilot plant has noticed the advantages of a mobile, community-based CMMS compared with its old system, which has been described as archaic. Today, our solution is used by more than 300 people at 13 different sites across the Group.

Mobility Work is a connected tool that gives us access to the information we are looking for in a few seconds. In addition, we very much appreciate the notion of community that is put forward.”

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Our tools to best adopt your CMMS

Our maintenance management platform (mobile and web versions) is available in SaaS, Android or iOS. It is a user-friendly tool and easy to set up, which allows you to deploy it on your own. To give you all the keys and guarantee a smooth adoption, we have created several support materials.

Discover our tutorials

We provide you with several tutorials that will answer all your questions and can serve as a guide in case of doubt when deploying the software. For example, you will find all the information you may need about maintenance plans, checklists, spare parts management, etc.

At the same time, for a smooth handling of the tool and to allow you to find the answers to your questions in a few seconds, you can access, directly from your application, a Help Center (button on the top right of your screen). There you will find further details on all our functionalities (using labels, setting up QR codes on your equipment, creating tasks and activities, etc.). 

Videos to guide you

Because our maintenance management platform is designed to be simple to use, easy to understand and to deploy, we have made video tutorials, available on YouTube, to give you an overview of the main features of our product.

Thanks to these resources, you can set up your mobile CMMS software in complete autonomy! You also have the option of contacting our online support directly from the application, from the Intercom pop-up window located at the bottom right of your screen. Our support team is available every day to answer you during the day and direct you in case of difficulty.

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