CMMS: Maintenance Management To Interconnected Departments

How to think industrial maintenance software (CMMS) over in order to put the concept of community and access to information at the heart of the company?

For more than ten years, each company’s department has been using its own software: ticketing software to manage computer requests, Excel file for environmental controls, Access databases for tool management or hard copies for production. Meanwhile, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems software, or CMMS, were increasingly used by companies until they became essential.

If this operation model once allowed companies to make numerous tasks easier, it also has major inconveniences that can later lead to disastrous consequences: losses, lack of communication and standardization, etc. Industrial maintenance management tools as we know them often cause misunderstanding between employees, who are unable to follow their colleagues’ tasks and who therefore can make much more mistakes. Fortunately, more collaborative tools were gradually created thanks to the 4.0 industry trend, inspired by social media and focused on the concept of community.

Mobility Work went down this path and developed its new generation industrial maintenance management platform, which allows customers to innovate and to make information easily accessible. The application is a more centralized system that every employee can have access to and that they can take in hand very quickly.

Why connecting different departments to a one and only tool?

Over the past twenty years, the maintenance staff has been used to enter information in CMMS software that was then very hard to find again. This problem was slowing down technicians in their work and mistakes were very frequent. Today, thanks to a very simple and intuitive application with a user-friendly design, a technician can use the voice command to save information in Mobility Work, without having to leave his post and spending ten minutes trying to enter data in a desktop computer at the office and to figure out hundreds of features.

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Mobility Work is based on a community of users who exchange and follow their plant’s activity thanks to the newsfeed

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It is true that technicians were likely to think about of the whole maintenance maangement software idea negatively, as they were falsely seen as an opportunity for managers or even directors to check every single movement of their employees, but they were rapidly proved wrong and reassured. Mobility Work simplifies teamwork and industrial maintenance: it stimulates collaborative work within one specific department. Each employee therefore has the possibility to know how much progress his colleague has done and a manager can follow the work of his team and intervene quickly whenever needed.

This need for interconnection can be explained by the fact that the action of all the services of the same company has to be coordinated so that the activity can be durable. These departments, as maintenance, production, purchasing or accounting, have the possibility to connect and to be more reactive. The Mobility Work application also allows working with different profiles depending on each one’s need. That way, the “production technician” profile (free) is perfectly suitable to make a maintenance intervention request.

Why the concept of community is so important to Mobility Work

One of Mobility Work’s many advantages is its data recovery function. In other words, each piece of information entered and each user’s intervention allows other technicians to obtain the answers they need and to continue working serenely on their tasks. To illustrate, here is an example of the two major technical features of the application:

  • the research function allows a technician to look for a specific problem and to have a quick history’s overview of all the interventions made during a certain period of time on a piece of equipment so that he can assess how practical this information saving system is. The aim is to save time in the future if a similar issue comes up.

  • the timeline allows the technicians to have access to the company’s news in a few seconds: latest intervention requests, latest spare parts added, latest maintenance interventions, latest documents uploaded… This is basically an overview of the company’s life so that an employee can see all the tasks that were previously undertaken by his colleagues.

Companies notice that this quantity of information is easily and quickly accessible and that technicians’ work becomes more fluid. Indeed, if the tool used to enter information is simple it is to save as much information as possible and to share it to all the employees through the timeline or even to the rest of the whole community if the user wants the information to be public.

These benefits show how crucial the concept of community is to the CMMS tool Mobility Work. Employees can even add, directly in the app, the files they want that are related to a task, a piece of equipment or a problem they encountered (e.g. plans, drawings, contracts of guarantee, manufacturer details, etc.). The information and files saved are accessible through the research function, which slowly and gradually makes the application become the first real database dedicated to industrial maintenance.

More intuitive features at the user’s service

Our industrial maintenance application provides all the features of a usual CMMS tool (maintenance planning, equipment creation, stock management, etc.) but it is also much easier to use and groundbreaking in many ways. Mobility Work is radically different from the old CMMS software that was too complicated and demanding in their daily use and that would make industrial maintenance much harder.


Create your equipment sheets in the maintenance management app Mobility Work in order to trigger tasks and activities

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Our innovation was born after the assessment we made of mainstream CMMS: they are using masking systems that allow the user to shift screen depending on the profile type. This can be for sure described as a very archaic conception because the users eventually get lost. Once again, we wanted to offer our customers a more intuitive user experience: thanks to Mobility Work, users work with a tag system. Tags are like labels in the way that they allow you to personalize a piece of information and to make it more visible. It is then possible to tag information related to a piece of equipment, an intervention, a technician… For example, an intervention with the “safety” tag will give the possibility to any user looking at the timeline to view the type of the ongoing operation.

Devices are the core of a company’s activity so you should be able to benefit from tools helping you in your daily tasks either concerning industrial maintenance, production, new work, projects, quality, environment… As a result, tags allow our maintenance management software to become a real task managing system that is available to every department of your company.

Mobility Work CMMS is a revolutionary tool

To summarize, here are a few more examples of what Mobility Work can be used for: tool management, security operations, actions linked to the environment (regulatory control, operations planning, etc.), projects, plant buildings and infrastructures, production requests, first level maintenance…

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The application guarantees a better interconnection between departments but also better coordination of technicians who work within the same service, even if they are split in different teams and that they don’t see each other. It is basically saving everyone’s time as it improves the company’s production cycles and allows every employee to take part in this continuous improvement process.

If you want to learn more about the features of our CMMS software Mobility Work, don’t hesitate to download our application and to opt for the free trial in order to understand all the benefits of the tool and to see how innovative it is.

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