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CMMS : Migration of your equipment in your software in 7 days

You have just purchased a new CMMS with the expectation to level up your equipment maintenance routine. But before becoming operational, you would like your new maintenance management software to be loaded with all needed data. The first questions that come to your mind could be: 

  • What data exactly should I migrate to the new CMMS?
  • How much time will it take me and how much will it cost?

The answers to these questions depend on the maintenance management software you have chosen and its level of modernity and flexibility. Mobility Work supports all customers on data migration. Our experienced team needs not more than a week to choose with you the most relevant equipment data, establish the correct nomenclature and integrate the entire information. This is a free service that Mobility Work provides, complementary to your package. No further need for trainings or external IT consultants. 

Migrating the right data in the right way is of critical importance for the proper functioning of a maintenance management software and particularly for its smooth connection with other company systems as accounting, inventory and purchasing.

Usually CMMS integration details depend on the manager’s requirements, the organization’s industrial background and maintenance goals. However, thanks to Mobility Work’s flexibility and user-friendliness, data integration is easy and fast whatever the size of the company and its maintenance plans are. Furthermore, while the implementation of conventional asset management software requires plant managers to design a detailed plan of the data integration process, Mobility Work already provides an established process, ready to fit any type of organization.

The Importance of Accurate Data

It has to be stressed that there is no point in collecting plant data if it has been collected improperly, entered incorrectly or simply too late to initiate necessary actions. Many asset management software vendors have developed data collection tools to support efficiently the data entry process. However, these tools require skilled IT personal or internal trainings. This often results in the rejection of the CMMS by the team. On the contrary, technicians, operators and managers always immediately accept Mobility Work. Data entry is fast and simple (microphone, NFC chips, powerful Quick search) and can be done anytime on any smart device. After trying Mobility Work, all our customers have reported an immediate improvement in the performance of their maintenance teams.

Common Problems Associated with the Setup of a Traditional CMMS 

The amount of data that should be entered into a maintenance management software might be overwhelming. Technicians are usually asked to fill out endless forms with equipment ID, purchase date, installation and warranty details and all maintenance interventions performed on each asset. Then, maintenance managers will often be left on their own to deal with the problems related to discrepancies in the field names between the former and the new asset managmeent software. 

Another common problem is linked to the protocol managers are asked to develop before the migration for collecting, assembling and entering the data into the new asset mangement software. Without this protocol the information transfer might not occur as smooth as it should be. Usually someone (or even a team) should be assigned to lead the process and spend time on data entry and migration management. 

Data Integration with a Traditional CMMS Is Challenging

Traditional Maintenance software integration can be quite expensive and complex, involving outside IT consultants. Data entry is therefore a long-term process, usually requiring additional IT trainings of the team before an organization can really benefit from the tool. Sometimes maintenance teams can be left completing all the data by themselves with the promise that the new software will be easy to use. This might lead to deception, wrong input and lost information.

And last but not least: most asset management software vendors require additional cost for data entry. 

Data Entry Made Fast and Easy With Mobility Work

The intuitive and user-friendly interface design of Mobility Work makes data entry easy for any maintenance professional. No IT training is needed. 500 pieces equipment and their maintenance history can be loaded in 2 days.

Nonetheless, in order to speed up the integration of the tool, Mobility Work provides free user data entry service for all customers. Our experienced team guides you in the import and export of data from other files, applications and databases, carefully scheduling each integration process.

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The Mobility Work Free User Data Entry Service

Step 1: Customer Input

The customer provides the Mobility Work team with a full list of users, equipment, sub-equipment, spare parts and intervention history in Excel format or database. If necessary we can also import all related equipment photos and documents. 

Step 2: Data Selection

Collaborating with the customer, we select the useful information and make choices concerning the order of data display in the different fields. (Estimated time: 1 day)

Step 3: Formatting Data

Our team then processes these data to make them compatible with Mobility Work. This step consists in formatting them by respecting several rules necessary for the smooth running of the import. (Estimated time: 2 to 5 days)

Step 4: Data Integration

As soon as all data is ready, the import can start. The Mobility Work follows closely the process to ensure that all runs smoothly and all links between users, tasks, activities and equipment are properly working. (Estimated time: 1 day)

As soon as the integration of the data is complete - approximately 1 week for medium sized companies - the user can start using Mobility Work to manage the maintenance process without wasting time with the input. And all this for free!

How to Solve Common Problems Related to CMMS Data Entry ?

Some of the most common problems related to maintenance management software data entry include the lack of maintenance dedication, inaccurate data, bad use of the data from the asset management software, poor implementation of the solution in the maintenance process... The root causes for all of them are the same: complex configuration and user unfriendliness leading to underutilized CMMS and poor return on investment. 

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All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work application's newsfeed (equipment, tasks, activities).

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The idea of Mobility Work was born out of the need for modernity, performance, flexibility and user-friendliness. Knowing and having experienced all disadvantages of many conventional maintenance solutions, the Mobility Work team was thoroughly inspired to create a product that overcome all traditional challenges. Our main goal is to offer a CMMS, which is easy and appealing to use. We are committed to continuously improve Mobility Work features in order to provide our customers with the very best experience.

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