CMMS: Which challenges for your maintenance service?

CMMS and maintenance cost reduction

Companies now have to rethink their planning and scheduling systems as well as their machine availability while reducing maintenance expenses with their CMMS Software. Daily traceability of maintenance tasks (required and monitored by several clients during their audits) will bring companies to entirely rebuild their maintenance service in order to remain competitive.

cmms software maintenance management system

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Many companies now require a “business plan” which aims at implementing a financial plan for the coming years, taking into account the company’s evolution. The industrialization manager is often asked to create this type of plans in order to work out the maintenance forecast budget. However, a company’s evolution can only be understood by estimating the lifetime value of its industrial equipment, combining various indicators such as failure rate. It is a similar issue when it comes to justifying investment in new equipment: it is impossible to estimate the cost price of an equipment, nor to know whether is has been paid off or if annual maintenance on this equipment is more expensive than buying a brand new equipment.

With the current economic context, the maintenance manager is expected to optimize maintenance operations while reducing costs. You can easily connect the industry 4.0 software Mobility Work to any ERP and obtain all the required information to work out a maintenance budget, to invest in new equipment and to reduce maintenance costs. It may be considered as a true maintenance database.Maintenance managers are asked to justify any interventions, whether during a labor inspection or during an audit: with Mobility Work, obtain as much information as possible and justify all your decisions.

The implementation of the industry 4.0 CMMS Mobility Work also raises organizational issues regarding the improvement of the maintenance service management as well as many other interventions to carry out. The aim is to optimize the technicians’ work according to their expertisewhile taking into account the automatic scheduling of certain maintenance tasksPreventive maintenance in Mobility Work CMMS will enable you to rethink and to improve the whole maintenance service.

In the current situation, companies are expected to reach very challenging production rates: this is a key point which may be achieved by improving the output and the machine availability. This is why it is necessary to monitor maintenance interventions better in order to optimize tasks by reducing failure time and to improve equipment productivity. 

Mobility Work's analytics tool forecasts are based on data collected from thousands of anonymous and professional users working on the same equipment.

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Finally, the “Big Data” analytics tool of the CMMS Mobility Work also allows the manager to take the right decisions regarding the maintenance tasks to carry out on each equipment, and to avoid certain recurrent failures which may prevent the entire production chain from operating.

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