CMMS: Community and discussion groups in the industrial maintenance field

Industrial maintenance forum : Community and discussion groups

The 21st century is all about globalization and intensified exchanges. Ample evidence of this is the fact that we all belong to an online platform, network or a community: Facebook to share with family and relatives, Twitter to share quick thoughts and opinions, LinkedIn to share with professionals, etc.

In the era of social network, information share and industry 4.0, the industrial work is also undergoing radical changes.

After a long period of rejection, the industry is now forced to catch up with information share and external collaboration, and to conform to this new type of exchange model in order not to lose face in an increasingly competitive sector.

Based on this observation, we decided to create Mobility Work, the first maintenance social network ( Industrial maintenance forum ) , and offer more than a simple CMMS software.

A deceiving initial statement

As a matter of fact, all CMMS editors on the market are now focusing on creating complex, hard to implement, costly and user-unfriendly maintenance software for maintenance technicians. They usually are monosite solutions, since they are hard so difficult to deploy to the scale of a whole industrial group. Examples of industrial groups being proud of having deployed their 60 factories in 9 years along with a basic CMMS editor are usual. And yet, at the end of this deployment, we usually observe an almost systematic lack of information shared between different factories, which is an aberration, since they usually always share the same equipment, ranges of maintenance operations, documents or spare parts.

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Share information and good practices with the maintenance professionals' community who are registered on the mobile CMMS Mobility Work

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The main idea of the Mobility Work app is to make the CMMS deployment easier for industrial companies, thanks to a user-friendly interface, which does not require any training, and which provides free data integration (equipment lists, spare parts, historials, etc.). A company with 20 maintenance workers is usually fully operational after 2 days. After that, users have the possibility to connect to other users of their industrial group or to people outside your community ( Industrial maintenance forum ).

Community as a springboard

Following the emergence of all the new technologies at our disposal, exchange, sharing, and transparency are commonly shared values. Although they still have to overcome obstacles inherent to certain activity sectors (trade secrets or confidentiality in the industry for instance), exchanges are significantly emerging, as evidenced by the many professional groups dedicated to maintenance available on LinkedIn ("Industrial Maintenance", "Maintenance Expert / Engineer / Schedule / News / Jobs" or "Lean manufacturing & Kaizen").

Mobility Work CMMS is based on online communities ( Industrial maintenance forum ) or discussion groups. Whenever a failure occurs on a piece of equipment: maybe someone in your geographic area owns the missing spare part? Likewise, you may have been resorting to the same external company to repair your shot blasting machine for the past 5 years, whereas there is a company in your area able to operate on similar shot blasting machines which you have never heard of?

The objective of Mobility Work CMMS is to simplify maintenance management while connecting you anonymously to a maintenance community sharing the same issues as you.

Refine your decision-making sharing information

When purchasing a piece of equipment, equipment providers will obviously want to praise their equipment and call them the best on the market. However, there might be hundreds of people throughout the world owning the very same piece of equipment and who are not happy with it. In a few seconds, connect to the Mobility Work CMMS software to see if other users own the same machine. If you find one, you will be able to gather a lot of information, including the user’s opinion, the most frequent failures, the annual spare part budget for this machine, and even contact the user anonymously to chat with him.

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Thanks to the Mobility Work CMMS's timeline, follow the activity of your network

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The impact on how companies manage the purchasing of their equipment, and on how equipment provides interact with their clients are immediate. The process is inspired by the purchasing process which applies to consumer goods on e-commerce websites, where consumer opinion and global provider rating are keys.

The community allows us to change the way we manage maintenance: to find a lost document, to know which maintenance plan has been carried out on a machine, to look for information regarding a similar failure…

Let’s consider stock management for instance: many companies usually resort to automatic restocking. Consequently, the spare parts corresponding to machines which no longer are available in your company are ordered automatically. Spare part stocks can be very expensive for the company. That is the reason if someday you need to order 3 Leroy Somer LS 180 engines, why you might want to know that 4 people around you already have this engine in stock in their spare part stock. This way, you will be able to order only two and to ask a company to lend you one.

Community ( Industrial maintenance forum ) and data protection

As mentioned earlier, sharing data is intrinsically linked to confidentiality issues. Users are the rightful owners of the data they choose to integrate into the Mobility Work CMMS software and are able to determine themselves the confidentiality level of their data. They can decide whether or not they are willing to share their information with the community (neither the name of the company nor the users will be available to the public), with their industrial group only, or set them as private. This information will get lost in the mass of equipment, no ABB IRB 6400 robot will stand out among 20,000 other ABB IRB 6400 robots. Even if you own a machine worth one million dollars, and that you don’t want to share it with the community, you future maintenance issues will probably be related to very basic and common components, such as pumps, engines or sensors.

Mobility Work is much more than a simple CMMS software: it is an industrial maintenance forum dedicated to maintenance professionals, which allows them to exchange equipment, spare parts, advice, and good practices. Using our unique tool, we provide you with a way to modernize your maintenance service quickly, efficiently and durably.

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