How To Create Equipment Fast and Easy With a Next-Gen CMMS

Next-Gen CMMS have User-Friendly Interface

The creation of equipment still remains a difficult step in the setup and deployment of a Next-Gen CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). Most often this is due to the fact that entering the required information in conventional maintenance management software takes a lot of time. The given fields differ from one machine to another and there is no connection between the sub-elements. For example if I enter the description of an engine, I have to fill in the information concerning the power, the intensity, the serial number whereas if I want to add a pump there are completely other fields that I should fill out. When applied on all the company’s equipment and components, this process turns into a laborious and time-consuming task.

Nobody wants to spend hours in filling out numerous fields with unclear information. Very often this results in frustrated employees, entering little to no information and finally deriving very little benefits from the company’s asset managmeent software.

How Does Mobility Work Differ From Conventional CMMS?

Mobility Work is an entire maintenance platform, combining a next-gen CMMS with a valuable global community of maintenance professionals gathered in the 1st maintenance social media and a marketplace connecting machine and consumable manufacturers with other industrial players (managers, maintenance technicians, production managers, etc…).

Next Gen CMMS mobile software

All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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So, the question that we are asking at Mobility Work is: “Why wasting so much time to enter information about your equipment if someone has already done it?”

The only thing you have to do it is to type the name of the equipment in the search bar to find it in one of the available public users profiles. Simply hit the “duplicate” button and it will immediately be created in your maintenance management system.

You can also duplicate Official Suppliers’ equipment, available on the right of the search results. Duplicating from Mobility Work’s Official catalogue allows you to copy the piece equipment directly to your own equipment database, with all its information. Take advantage of the Manufacturer’s knowledge: general information, plans, recommendations, etc. and save time! This allows manufacturers to benefit from the users’ experience with their products thanks to the rating system in order to improve them, to avoid misinformation and improve communication.

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Create Your Equipment Fast and Easy With Mobility Work

Let’s take the following example: You are looking for a Leroy Somer LS 90 Engine. You can simply type the name of the equipment using your phone while working and you will most probably find the engine that you want to add. You duplicate it in a second and can start adding information to it from your Next-Gen CMMS. In this way you will be able to retrieve the information of the equipment that you wish to duplicate. The more equipment in the database, the easier it becomes to duplicate it.

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Every equipment card in Mobility Work contains: an image of the machine, its name, its description and the cost center the piece of equipment has been assigned to.

Regarding the equipment’s description, the Mobility Work team has decided to apply the “Google” method. More concretely, this means there is no structuring of the data; you simply insert all the information you want in the description field, no matter the order. After that when looking for this piece of equipment, simply type the keywords associated with the machine. If for example, you are searching for an engine Leroy Somer 1.8 kw, you will have all the engines Leroy Somer with the power 1.8 kw in the description.

The cost center represents the financial or physical belonging of a workshop or equipment. Often this field is provided by the accounting and is present in your ERP software.

When creating the Mobility Work solution, one of our main objectives was to provide maintenance professionals with a solution that brings them closer to what they use every day. If for example you are looking for an automotive spare parts shop in Nantes, you won’t click on “Nantes”, “lists of shops”, “automotive spare parts”, “automotive spare parts shops that offer transmission axle shafts”. You will rather directly type “transmission axle shaft spare part Nantes”.

It works the same way with the Next-Gen CMMS Mobility Work. You have a piece of equipment and all the subsets and components that are associated with it are listed below. In the case of the Leroy Somer engine, the additional information would include for example the conveyor sector and the number. And If you type “motor conveyor 63”, then you will directly fall on the Leroy Somer engine.

The Importance of Labels in Mobility Work

When adding a piece of equipment to your Next-Gen CMMS, it is very important to consider the fact that we don’t use all the same words to describe company’s machines. Some employees can see a piece of equipment as an “oven” and others as a “barbecue”. The ones looking for the “barbecue” will never find the “oven” and vice versa. Therefore we recommend you to add as many keywords as necessary after the name of the equipment. This gives you the opportunity to widen your search results.

Mobility Work offers you dedicated labels that allow you to associate a piece of equipment to a category or group. When, for example a regulatory engine has been tagged, then as soon as someone creates an intervention on this engine, the relinking tag will automatically appear. This function enormously eases daily maintenance operations. Employees can easily search for all the equipment that have been tagged with for example “maintenance contract” or create a maintenance plan with all the pieces of equipment having the same label.

How to Select the Privacy Status of My Equipment

In Mobility Work you can easily choose the visibility status (private or public) of your equipment. However, for security reasons, even on public equipment we don’t publish the name of the company, nor the last names of the employees.   

How to Add Additional Information to My Equipment

Once you have duplicated a piece of equipment, you can choose the option to save it as a spare part and enter some additional information as: location, unit price, currency, minimum and maximum stock, external reference and others.   

How to Connect My Equipment to My ERP

Our Next-Gen CMMS offers you two possibilities to manage your spare parts: either directly in Mobility Work or in your ERP. You can easily connect the parts from your ERP to Mobility Work via the external reference or by integrating the article code of the piece of equipment. Thus the maintenance team can automatically and frequently update the important information on the spare parts coming from the ERP as location, quantity, etc.

The Mobility Work team is always ready to answer all your questions concerning the migration of your equipment data, ERP connections and creation of equipment.

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