Why You Should Adopt A CMMS: Definition And Advice

CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, is used today in a large number of companies in the industrial sector and even in other sectors of activity. In recent years, it has undergone major developments, particularly with the emergence of mobile and 4.0 CMMS, which makes it possible to move from corrective maintenance to preventive or predictive maintenance strategies.

cmms maintenance management

To help you understand the usefulness of this type of software, you will find here a definition of a CMMS, a summary presentation of its features and benefits, and a few tips to help you choose the one that best suits your business.

What is CMMS software?

Definition of CMMS

The term CMMS refers to Computerized Maintenance Management System. In order to optimize the planning, monitoring and organization of interventions on a company's equipment and machines, maintenance management systems are software-based.

What is the purpose of a CMMS software?

The primary function of a such a software is to allow the follow-up and organization of maintenance interventions. But most software programs offer many other functions.

The ultimate goal of using an efficient CMMS solution is to make maintenance both simpler and more efficient, and thus to increase productivity, in particular by reducing the frequency and duration of machine downtime.

Why implement a CMMS?

To manage the company's maintenance, the implementation of a maintenance management solution has many advantages. Indeed, it allows, in the short or medium term :

  • to save time;
  • to better control maintenance costs;
  • to have a better traceability of all interventions, in particular to justify choices to the line manager or during an audit;
  • facilitate communication within the maintenance teams and the factory in general;
  • implement a preventive or even predictive maintenance strategy to improve maintenance efficiency.

In the end, a factory that implements a CMMS thus achieves substantial productivity gains. 

cmms maintenance management

Mobility Work is provided with an analytic tool to help you analyze all your maintenance data and adapt your strategy

How to choose a CMMS?

Implementing a CMMS is nowadays essential for all industrial companies that want to remain competitive. But there are many choices, and each company does not have the same needs. 

To choose your CMMS properly, the following 4 key criteria must be carefully considered:

  • the price;
  • the ease of use;
  • flexibility;
  • customer support.

The price

The price of a CMMS software varies greatly. Conventional solutions, in acquisition mode, generally cost several thousand euros and therefore represent a significant investment that will only be amortized after a certain period of time. For SMEs, this can be prohibitive, especially since updates are sometimes billed and require the intervention of an IT team, which mobilizes even more resources. 

Most next-gen CMMS software operate in SaaS (Software As A Service) mode: the company pays a subscription fee  which can be monthly or annual, to use these services, which saves it from making a heavy investment with uncertain results. This type of software requires no prior configuration or follow-up by the IT team, which eliminates additional costs. Updates are free and automatic. It is therefore necessary to determine which modality suits you best, then carefully compare the proposed rates.

The ease of use

Having a good software is a first step. However, the maintenance teams have to make full use of it! The best way to get them to buy in and make them exploit the full potential of new software is to choose a solution that makes their job easier and allows them to easily generate added value.  

This is why it is very important to study the ergonomics and ease of use of a CMMS before adopting it (for example by taking advantage of a free trial). In this respect, solutions designed on the model of everyday applications are unbeatable.

cmms maintenance management

Administrators have access to a scheduler, which allows them to see several technicians’ calendars in one single place and to better organize their days!

The flexibility

To be effective, CMMS software must adapt easily to the hardware and computer environment in which they will be used. If the integration capabilities of your future CMMS are a prerequisite for its adoption in your company, you should opt for an open API solution (which allows, for example, integration with your ERP system)

Customer support

Even if it is sometimes forgotten, good customer support is an essential element in the choice of a new IT tool. On the one hand, it ensures a quick and efficient implementation. On the other hand, a SaaS software with a high-performance customer service takes better account of user feedback and integrates their needs during updates. If you are part of an industrial group composed of several sites located in different countries, make sure you choose a solution that will be able to offer you multilingual support to allow better adoption of the tool by your users.

What are the main features of a CMMS?

Each CMMS software is different, but most of them offer the following features :

  • equipment management (inventory, data sheets, location);
  • management of maintenance interventions (entering reports, consulting history, etc.);
  • spare parts inventory management;
  • management of maintenance teams (planning, distribution of interventions);
  • management of maintenance-related costs;
  • development of key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • management of the chosen maintenance strategy (corrective, preventive, predictive, etc.)
cmms maintenance management

Discover the features of our maintenance management platform

How to use the Mobility Work CMMS?

Whether you apply a corrective, preventive or predictive maintenance strategy, the use of a CMMS has many advantages. However, it is recommended that you take the time to choose the solution that best suits your company according to your constraints and needs. Ideally, you should be able to try your future CMMS software free of charge before adopting it.

With this in mind, the maintenance management platform Mobility Work offers a free 7-day trial period, which allows you to test the application with your own data (contact our team for more information). Moreover, it is available in SaaS mode from the web, but also as a mobile application available on Android and iOS. This easy-to-install tool can be deployed autonomously, notably by using the CMMS adoption guide.

cmms maintenance management

Mobility Work CMMS is based on a community of users who exchange and follow their plant’s activity thanks to the newsfeed

Generally speaking, the use of Mobility Work is very intuitive, just like everyday applications. In a very short time, each user is able to manage assets, enter interventions, obtain statistics or even exchange within maintenance communities, which is the real added value of our solution. 

To ensure smooth adoption, tutorials are available for new users. In addition, the application offers a direct access button to the Help Center for answers to any questions about its features. Our multilingual support is also available via chat (orange intercom bubble at the bottom of your application) to answer your questions. 

To get an overview of how Mobility Work works or to prepare for its implementation, watch our demo video!

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