Mobility Work CMMS for Machine and Consumable Manufacturers

Suppliers and Equipment and Consumable Manufacturers:

Thanks to our next-gen maintenance management platform and 1st maintenance social network Mobility Work that is steadily growing, suppliers, manufacturers and service providers can now benefit from our solution Mobility Work Hub. Many large industrial groups and OEMs have already successfully implemented the SaaS CMMS for their daily maintenance routines, in order to improve their efficiency during interventions and their budget management. 

Mobility Work members from all industry sectors (automotive, railway, food & beverages, chemistry, buildings, materials, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, mechanics, textile, electronics and many more) can chat anonymously or not with each other to share good practices, expertise and advice on suppliers, spare parts and many more.

You can easily join the platform as a supplier, a machine and consumable manufacturer or a service provider. This enables any reliable company to reach a targeted audience of users from the community who can really benefit from its services.


Mobility Work Hub's dynamic dashboard 

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Since its very beginning, Mobility Work has been providing frequent updates to its customers, releasing important improvements and new functionalities. The platform is now open to equipment and consumables manufacturers, as well as service providers. They can register a company profile and add their products to our official catalogue. Maintenance technicians can though find the provider or product they are looking for in one click.

Thanks to the platform’s flexibility, any type of equipment supplier, from industrial machines to machine tools can now easily join Mobility Work to connect with other industrial players as managers, maintenance technicians and production managers.

The main goal of this communication process is to avoid product obsolescence and disinformation by allowing fair exchanges between technicians and machine manufacturers.

What Are Your Customers Expecting From You?

Customers expect from their equipment suppliers product excellence and quality after sales service. Whenever a company purchases a new piece of equipment, maintenance technicians usually waste valuable time filling out the information provided by the manufacturer in their CMMS. With Mobility Work, technicians are able to duplicate in one click several fields from a database provided by the manufacturer with technical information, documents, ranges of maintenance interventions, spare parts, etc. If you have already registered and uploaded your official catalogue, your customers will highly appreciate the time you are saving them.

Mobility Work users can schedule, manage and follow their supplier’s or service provider’s interventions and rate them according to several criteria (cost, quality, deadline, safety). By rating high thanks to your satisfactory performance, members will like, recommend and share your products.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to get closer to existing and future clients, to answer their questions and solve their problems, 24 hours from anywhere, on any smart device. Even without knowing your company name, a user can research your equipment or product just in a few seconds thanks to the ultra-efficient search engine.

Benefits for Suppliers and Equipment and Consumable Manufacturers?

If you are still wondering why you should trust in Mobility Work, Next Gen Maintenance Management Platform, and upload your official product catalogues, here are some undoubted advantages that you might want to consider:

  • Find new customers among a huge network
  • Promote your products
  • Connect with existing clients and win new ones
  • Create and register a company profile that users can easily find and add to their network Provide your clients with personalized communications and round-the-clock information
  • Promote connected aftersales
  • Enhance your own products’ knowledge through search on the platform and extremely powerful data reports

Mobility Work is the 1st Maintenance Management Platform, offering at the same time a CMMS, a social media and a marketplace, connecting various industrial players with maintenance technicians and managers.

The platform gives equipment and consumables manufacturers the opportunity to join and connect instantly and just in time with companies and professionals needing their products or expertise.

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