How to easily connect Mobility Work CMMS with your ERP

CMMS & ERP easy integration and interface of your software

Nowadays, there are many innovative solutions helping organizations to achieve greater efficiency, improved production cycle, reduced costs and better performance. In the manufacturing industry there are two systems in particular that stand out and have become an absolute necessity for success: CMMS and ERP. Most professionals know that integrating them in one system results in enormous benefits.

  • But how exactly to successfully integrate your recently purchased CMMS with your running Enterprise Resource Planning software?
  • And what are the specific advantages of this integration?

An Enterprise Resource Planning software integrates the databases of every company’s department (production, sales, accounting, inventory, human-resources and so one). It delivers real-time information on all the core processes in a business and eases the job of manufacturing managers. Some of the undeniable benefits of modern ERPs include enhanced productivity, cost reductions, flexibility, improved collaboration and streamlined process.

Mobility Work is at the Heart of Lean Manufacturing

Driven by the trends of industry 4.0, Mobility Work features cloud-based architecture, mobile application, intuitive, easy to use interface and an API, that can connect to any Enterprise Resource Planning software.

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Helping companies to manage equipment alongside plant maintenance, the main tasks of a CMMS include: 

  1. Asset records
  2. Scheduled maintenance
  3. Creation and control of work orders
  4. Spare parts management
  5. Data analytics

Most of the maintenance professionals that have already successfully adopted Mobility Work in their routines, point out the following advantages: 

  1. Improved productivity and overall plant performance
  2. Reduced downtime and equipment failure
  3. Easy implementation
  4. Enhanced predictive analytics and data trends
  5. Increased equipment's life

Business owners have recognized that finding a software vendor who offers a prefect solution is nearly impossible. Therefore, companies prefer purchasing best software as entreprise resource planning software, maintenance management software or CRM from multiple vendors and then connect them using APIs.

How to Smoothly Integrate Mobility Work with Your ERP ?

One of the toughest aspects of adopting a CMMS is its integration with the other company’s technologies. The aim of the integration process is to connect the software systems and facilitate data exchange. If the maintenance management software cannot communicate with the ERP, critical common data is not shared and provided in real-time and response times to maintenance issues are slowed down. 

ERP systems, especially designed for manufacturers are available today in all shapes and sizes. By extending the power of the application, the API of Mobility Work can easily and smoothly connect to any Enterprise Resource Planning software, access and collect all needed information from accounting, inventory, HR or any other company’s department. 

When connected to the Enterprise Resource Planning software, the API of the maintenance management software can extract any kind of information. However, the following two areas have the biggest impact on the facility’s asset management process:

  1. All data concerning spare parts from the financial, purchasing and inventory departments.
  2. HR information on employee time reporting.

For optimal results, both databases are perfectly synchronized and all the data that has been imported to the maintenance management software fits correctly. However, comprehensive integration does require some planning. Mobility Work team works closely with the customer to identify what information is required from the Enterprise Resource Planning software to support maintenance and what maintenance information is important to the ERP. After the CMMS user data entry, we can help you determine the frequency of updates between the two systems and work out all the technical integration details as files imports and exports, or format.

What are the Direct Benefits of a CMMS / ERP Integration?

1. Improved spare parts management

The first and most undeniable advantage that a CMMS / Enterprise Resource Planning software integration provides you with is a streamlined
 spare parts inventory management process. Technicians don’t need anymore to enter spare parts data twice or doubt its correctness. All important figures are streamed across the systems to speed up operations.

2. Easier purchase orders

Every maintenance manager aims at speeding up the purchase order of a missing spare part. This might be a long and slow process, involving many departments and requiring numerous approvals. With the maintenance management software / Enterprise Resource Planning software integration, a technician can simply mark a spare part as missing in the maintenance management software, which can directly generate and send a purchase order to the ERP and notify all involved employees to ease the process. 

3. Unified reporting system

The asset management / Enterprise Resource Planning software integration gives all employees an access to a shared information hub, where they can use the data they need to make crucial decisions. 

4. Improved internal communication

The increased accessibility to data and the elimination of redundant data contribute to improved responsiveness of the different teams across the facility.)

5. Enhanced labor planning

This is a win-win situation, where HR departments and managers can really evaluate the skills of the technicians, whatever diploma the may have. They can evaluate precisely how much time they have been spending on any type of equipment and the situations they have solved. They can also remind employees about their mandatory trainings or license renewals needs. Therefore, maintenance managers can better plan their recruitment needs and their teams’ time relying on HR data. On the other hand, maintenance technicians can really understand their skills, progresses, and interventions. 

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Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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An asset management / Enterprise Resource Planning software integration helps manage data flow and supports collaboration across different internal departments. It is of crucial importance for the overall performance of every manufacturing plant to adopt a CMMS that can smoothly connect to all existing company’s technologies. Mobility Work features an API that was especially developed to fit any type of ERP system.

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