Enhance manufacturers’ competitiveness thanks to industry 4.0

Each equipment or consumables manufacturer of course needs to showcase his products and to find the right platform to advertise them and to gain a substantial customer base. His needs are clearly identified: he has to find the way to compete with other manufacturers by putting products on the market which are able to fit consumers’ needs as well as the ones of the various companies’ he’s working for. The objective is twofold: he has to win his customers’ loyalty to ensure a certain durability.

Today’s companies still tend to keep working with the same manufacturer or supplier, simply because they don’t find the right partner. Therefore, if the manufacturer doesn’t always fits to a company’s needs or doesn’t always deliver proper service, it will still want to work with him simply because it doesn’t have the possibility to search through competition. There might be a lack of visibility on suppliers’ activities, a lack of references… There are multiple explanations. To overcome this problem and give companies the possibility to finally find the perfect business partner, they should be able to access a professional’s directory in order to work with the company that will be able to fit all their needs. As a consequence, if a company is happy with their manufacturers, they will be able to broadcast their products in order to become real references on the industrial market.

What are manufacturers’ needs exactly?

In order to rethink or enhance their position on the industrial market, manufacturers first need to feature their products and services on a platform but also to analyze their targets’ behavior when they see their offer. Thanks to the interactions, they can know if their products are indeed interesting for the targeted profiles and which ones have the most impact. It gives them the chance to adapt their strategy, to potentially enhance their products, to change their way of communicating and to decide which ones they have to broadcast in priority. Their aim is obviously to avoid misinformation and to give all the information directly to the potential users so that they hold the key to the solution. As a consequence, the various documents, such as technical files, plans, etc. are accessible and customers can visualize them to gather information.

Why such a platform is also beneficial to purchasing departments

It has already been proven that it completely makes sense to put through manufacturers with companies, but it also is really interesting for purchasing departments. Today’s market gathers various 4.0 innovations which offer real solutions to such structures. This is the case of the Mobility Work software: it is a combination of a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and a platform for manufacturers, which works as a real industrial professionals’ catalogue: they become official manufacturers and have a special status in order to increase their visibility.

Thanks to such platforms, to which a whole enterprise can have access to follow the maintenance teams’ work as well as the one of service providers or suppliers, purchasing departments are able to widen their range of possibilities, to see which products are the most popular among the community and to read other users’ recommandations. As a result, such a tool allows them to choose the right partner in order to reduce additional unnecessary costs. A group’s or plant’s purchasing department doesn’t have to work with unreliable manufacturers any longer and has the possibility to deal with safe companies that have been recommended be an entire community of users. These users can indeed express themselves through comments, they can rate products, share their knowledge about a product or regarding their experience. Manufacturers then may answer comments and exchange with users to ensure constant customer satisfaction. Ultimately, it ensures industrial companies’ lasting productivity, giving them the possibility to finally choose the perfect partners, to reduce unnecessary costs, to make the right choice at the right time and to start working on strong foundations.

Become more competitive thanks to a 4.0 platform

This kind of innovations exist thanks to solutions such as Mobility Work, which are progressively emerging in the industrial business with an aim: build a community (maintenance technicians and managers, purchasing, production, service providers, manufacturers, suppliers…) and implement initiatives to encourage and improve industrial trade. The ambition of these solutions is indeed to help professionals collaborate in order to accelerate the industry’s modernization.

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The ultimate objective is to enhance communication so that it can be at the heart of each structure to help it make the right decisions and in order to broadcast manufacturers as much as they deserve. Thanks to these solutions, manufacturers are able to become part of companies’ networks and are being discovered by a larger amount of potential customers. More concretely, when industrial maintenance teams use their CMMS software to describe breakdowns or look for equipment, products that are showcased appear on the side of their screens, so it definitely enhance machine or consumables manufacturers’ visibility.

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Tools used in the industrial world, just like Mobility Work and its mobile interface offering a real social network, have to find their inspiration in current digital trends and to put the idea of community forward so that it can be at the heart of any interaction. The notion of community really is predominant as the various people implicated exchange, advise each other, make recommendations and find the company that suits them best. Numerous manufacturers can therefore find their place and position themselves on the marketplace in comparison to their competitors in order to be referenced on platforms and to interact directly with their target, with no intermediary. To conclude, the different industrial players become real partners and are able to work in close collaboration.

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