Geolocation and CMMS: Manage Asset Tracking

Assets Geolocation and Mobile CMMS

Geolocation technology has been around for quite some time already. We got used to it so much that today it is even unthinkable to look for places as addresses, shops, hotels, cafes or restaurants without it. Actually, geolocation possesses a far bigger potential than this. Integrated into diverse mobile applications this technology allows all itinerant technicians to geolocate the equipment and improve the capture of their interventions. 

Mobility Work is a next-gen mobile CMMS that offer its customers along with other features to geolocate equipment and spare parts. The solution streamlines, centralizes and manages asset tracking to optimize maintenance performance. 

As the 1st Maintenance Management Platform and Maintenance Social Network, Mobility Work connects manufacturers with technicians, suppliers and freelancers. The geolocation feature helps your team and business partners to easily locate your equipment directly on the Mobility Work mobile app.

How to Geolocate My Equipment With Mobility Work?

The geolocation feature is available only on the Mobility Work mobile app, on the Apple App Store for the iOS version and on the Google Play Store for the Android version. These mobile versions have been developed in order to improve the follow-up of maintenance technicians and facilitate the registration of equipment. The following information is required for a successful registration: 

  • The name of the equipment;
  • An image of the equipment;
  • A description of the equipment containing all important information;
  • The relevant cost center;
  • All relevant information in case the piece of equipment belongs to a bigger configuration;
  • Tags or keywords associated with the equipment (important for the analytics module). 

When registering a piece of equipment, a community member can also easily add the position of the equipment using the GPS on the smartphone. Simply click on the "Geolocate Equipment" button so that the application automatically retrieves the GPS coordinates of your machine.

Later on the exact location of the asset is displayed on a map on the equipment page. GPS information is available only at your factory and even if your equipment is public; no member outside your network will be able to access this information.

Using the Mobility Work GPS feature doesn’t require any initial setup or investment. All you need is a smart device and Internet.

When using the Mobility Work mobile app, technicians can easily geolocate installations in the field. Since the information is available to any team member, assistance can be sent immediately to the right place as soon as possible. 

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Geolocate your equipment thanks to Mobility Work's mobile app.

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Why Would You Need an Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking enables you to save time, money, and to improve your spare parts management. 

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Centralizing the location of all your assets in the Mobility Work app and having additionally all asset detail information in only one place helps every maintenance professional in the field to react fast. GPS functions facilitate as well the time spent on the road, if a company has several plants with many assets. 

For example, the geolocation functionality of the equipment in your mobile CMMS can be associated with the management of different wind turbines by a roving maintenance technician. When an intervention is required, Mobility Work can geolocate the machine and guide the technician to this one. 

Similarly, when a maintenance technician intervenes on a railway line, he can identify a fault or a problem and geolocate his intervention on the mobile CMMS to quickly find where the failure is.

Finally, the geolocation of equipment may be of interest to industrial groups composed of several factories. The tool makes it possible to access information about machines at another plant in the group, and quickly locate them in Mobility Work.

If as a maintenance manager you want to go even further, you can generate data reports based on geolocation data and the utilization frequency of your assets. This will help you remove all unused assets from the active ones and eliminate the cost associated with them. On the other hand identifying high-use assets will help you more effectively schedule all preventive tasks to keep them operating properly. 

Often team members will look far too long for a spare part, which can cause production interruptions. The asset tracking system allows you to localize immediately the piece you are looking for.

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Access all documents (photos, videos, etc.) and checklists from the equipment sheet in your Mobility Work application.

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Let’s Think Bigger: GPS and IoT

It is difficult to deny the valuable industrial applications of IoT in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And given the fact that location tracking has become an essential part of traditional applications, it is not hard to imagine and anticipate that same data would make a big difference in IoT.

Imagine all the benefits you could harvest if you can not only localize an object but also find out its status as whether someone and where was using it before, is it currently in use and many more. Business owners can take important decisions based on this data and optimize maintenance and storage cost. 

Regardless of whether you use GPS, barcode or RFID technologies, tracking of mobile assets in the Internet of Things (IoT) undoubtedly creates added value for manufacturers. 

The potential of combining geolocation and IoT has been already recognized by several leading technology companies. Thanks to the flexibility of Mobility Work, the geolocation data on the mobile CMMS can be easily integrated in any other solution.

Asset tracking has become an essential component of today’s equipment management. The high number of expensive assets makes it important for every business owner to keep track of their location and efficiency. 

Mobility Work is a next-gen mobile CMMS and the 1st Maintenance Management Platform connecting manufacturers and technician with suppliers and freelancers. Geolocation data is of critical importance to every community member, so that a technician can directly meet a supplier on the field and a manufacturer can send a freelancer immediately to the right equipment. The significant time and cost savings will impact and improve the entire production cycle.

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