EAM Software : Implementing and setting up Mobility Work CMMS

EAM Software : Implementing and setting up Mobility Work CMMS

Whether you are part of a very small business, SMB or a big company, you might want to update your maintenance service by adopting a new EAM / CMMS solution. This step, which used to be particularly complicated, costly and time-consuming is now way easier to implement and affordable thanks to maintenance 4.0 solutions. Mobility, maneuverability and user-friendliness tools ensure quick and efficient adoption of the solution by maintenance teams. Among those tools, Mobility Work particularly stands out since it can be set up in a few minutes and used easily without any training. Our app was created to allow to quickly measure the benefits of your maintenance service and to improve its management.

Mobility Work is a cloud-based SaaS app. Its implementation does not require any IT intervention, neither does it require any particular infrastructure. Deploying our next-gen CMMS includes the following steps.

Next-gen maintenance solutions provide quick implementation

Step 1: equipment, maintenance history, spare parts, etc.

Before using Mobility Work EAM software, you need to create or integrate your data depending on the maturity level of your company regarding the current utilization of a potential maintenance management software. This tedious step is usually billed by CMMS editors: users have no other choice than to pay training to create their database, or to pay the integration of their maintenance data into their new asset management software.

We strongly believe that to evaluate our app, we have to enable maintenance managers to test their new CMMS with their own data for free. One-month training and never-ending settings now belong to the past.

Contact us through the support page on the app, and we will upload your data for free (supported formats: Excel file, Access, extraction from a former asset maangement software, etc.).

next-gen-cmms-management-software EAM

Access all documents (photos, videos, etc.) and checklists from the equipment sheet in your Mobility Work application

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If you are starting from scratch and that your maintenance service does not own any data, do not worry, you can use your cell phone to create your piece of equipment in seconds: name of the equipment, description, cost center, picture, and that’s it! For more information on equipment creation, do not hesitate to visit our tutorial.

Step 2: set up your data in a few clicks

Mobility Work CMMS was developed to avoid customizable preformatted tables provided by most EAM editors, which are just unnecessarily complicated for maintenance technicians. To avoid you to spend one full month deciding which fields you would like to keep or to get rid of, we elaborated a tagging system. The idea is simple: you can tag elements, maintenance interventions (preventive, corrective, etc.), equipment (pressure equipment, equipment under contracts, etc.) and users (team 1, team 2, etc.) in order to issue more accurate analysis, but also to improve intervention management, in particular schedules for a group of users. It is a critical step to set up your EAM software. If you want to know more, read our tutorial about tags.

Step 3: start your trial and add your first users

In a few seconds, you will figure out that the maintenance management software does not require any training due to a simplified user interface. Then you will be able to create your first interventions and maintenance plans and to add documents. The potential and advantages of Mobility Work on your maintenance service can be easily measured, whether you are a team of one or 120 technicians.


All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android

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You will be able to provide access to some technicians and to measure the advantages provided by Mobility Work EAM on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, simplified access to the information will allow them to consider the tool as a great help, rather than as a surveillance tool.

Any question during your free trial?

If you have any technical question about a specific issue or need a piece of advice about one of our EAM software’s feature? Use the app’s chat to contact our support team - quick, easy and free of charge.

Once your 7-day trial is over, we will assess the situation with you about your use of the app.

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Mobility Work’s price is the lowest on the market since the app only includes maintenance technician and administrator profiles for 30€/month/profile. We do not bill production and service provider profiles. The prices include data integration, application support, and updates every two weeks.

Forget about 50,000 euros software and outdated designs! Mobility Work is an efficient, affordable, community-based and easy-to-use tool. We provide all the keys to operate a successful transition to maintenance 4.0 and to fulfill your objectives. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a personal presentation of our EAM / CMMS software.

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