Mobile CMMS for Fast and Easy Document Management

Mobile CMMS for Fast and Easy Document Management

All maintenance professionals know that time and resources in the maintenance department are often insufficient and represent a common challenge. A messy document management process can additionally hugely complicate and slow down the team’s performance. For maintenance professionals, pictures, regulatory files, checklists, spreadsheets and user manuals are of critical importance for the daily routine work. They always have to be properly ordered, well selected and easy to update.

The mobile app of Mobility Work streamlines document management and helps users to find all requested information immediately. Technicians can simply scan the RFID of a piece of equipment with a smartphone and access all related documents on the spot, including readings and intervention history. 

How did Mobile CMMS Become Indispensable ?

Smart mobile devices are by far the most widely adopted modern communication technology. Today, almost everyone has a smartphone in his pocket and is using it to manage personal or business matters. Mobile technology has completely transformed the way people deal with information on a daily basis. 

As the maintenance world is changing as well and the demand for better and faster production is growing, technicians spend more time in the field. Mobile CMMS is a natural fit with the requirements of today’s maintenance. It allows professionals to access and to provide real-time data on the spot and perform functions throughout the facility without the necessity to come back to their desktops. It brings a lot of flexibility and enables crucial time savings. 

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Mobility Work's mobile app allows your technician to gain flexibility.

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Mobile CMMS Technology is Now a Must-Have!

Mobility Work mobile app allows you to:

  • Make immediate updates on the status of work orders and make them visible for the entire team through the news feed;
  • Schedule new interventions;
  • Access and upload videos and data;
  • Send and receive real-time notifications and alerts. 

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Top Mobile CMMS Requirements

Real-time and valuable data, excellent user experience and mobile app are the biggest priorities for maintenance professionals when it comes to a maintenance management software adoption. This is not surprising, given the fact that the three of them combined ensure the best way to save time and boost productivity. 

User-friendly interface is crucial for document management and can significantly improve the collection and distribution of information. Thanks to its simplicity, maintenance managers and technicians always adopt the Mobility Work mobile app very easily. Work orders can be customized through dedicated files, pictures, videos or any type of documentation can smoothly be attached. Forget about the past document management’s hurdle and related performance slowdowns. Mobility Work is flexible enough to store files according to your requirements and organization’s need. You can access them anytime and anywhere, which provides greater visibility on all the maintenance interventions being performed. 

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All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android.

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Save Time by Accessing the Right Information

Mobility Work mobile application enormously eases company’s document management by providing you with the following benefits:

  • Centralize and organize documents from all departments;
  • Use the search bar to immediately find a needed piece of equipment and access all related information;
  • Enable notifications for expiring important documents if any;
  • Attach word documents, excel worksheets, pdfs or any other type of documents to a piece of equipment or a spare part;
  • Reduce waste by eliminating paper documents and work exclusively with digital files;
  • Receive work orders and alerts instantly;
  • Find and manage spare parts from the field;
  • Enter meter readings on the go;
  • A 24/7 access to your backed up and stored in the cloud data from any device, anywhere. 

Mobility Work is a cloud-based next-gen mobile CMMS and also available in desktop. We release regular updates of all our features to guarantee the perfect performance of the product. Easy document management is one of our main priorities and we are convinced that advanced maintenance starts with right data input and improved communication.

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