My maintenance service without CMMS

CMMS : Improving the management of my maintenance activities

If your maintenance service has been running without CMMS for years and you do not know what to implement to improve it, then you may want to analyze the daily activities of many maintenance services which run without any asset management software. This way, you will be able to understand better the diverse issues maintenance technicians and managers may have to deal with on a daily basis.

No intervention monitoring 

Communication between two maintenance teams is often a complicated issue. Notes from one team to another are sometimes found on the maintenance manager’s desk, but the information quality is usually poor and randomly distributed. This is precisely when these famous cases usually occur: the spare part is being changed three times in the same day by three different maintenance teams; or the production instruction is not handed over to the new team, which provokes an interruption of the production on your bottleneck machine due to a lack of monitoring on the installation.

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Not to even mention the barriers which prevent information from going out of the maintenance perimeter and which will not enable the production manager to know whether his request has been taken into account or not.

All these issues have a significant impact on the production chain operations and generate multiple costs which are contrary to the cost reduction policies implemented by maintenance services.

To answer this issue, the industry 4.0 asset management software Mobility Work implemented the Newsfeed feature. Available on smartphone, tablet or desktop, it enables any of your coworkers (maintenance, production, quality, safety, etc.) to access easily the latest information regarding your industrial equipment in a few seconds. Be informed of all the important latest news.

Intervention comments with poor descriptions 

You may say that you do not need to invest in a CMMS since you already have an Excel CMMS, but even Excel has its own limitations: where is the latest updated file? Due to a lack of tools supposed to make the on-site information input easier for the user, some technicians write their intervention report down at the end of the day or at the end of the week, and this is how some interventions or important information happen to be forgotten. Also, sometimes some 4-hours interventions are summed up in four little word: pump out-of-order, because the technician knows that his interventions will not be analyzed, or because the system is too complicated to register more information.

Of course, this is not the worst scenario, since the data entry has been carried out. Nowadays still, many maintenance services use hard copies or do not enter any interventions. In case of an accident in the company, it can become very complicated to justify the traceability of the interventions as well as the action plans implemented. This also applies to the decision making on any of your industrial equipment.

The mobile CMMS Mobility Work enables any technician to easily access the intervention history scanning the equipment’s NFC chip, and to directly register his intervention vocally. Also, you can add a video, a photo or an audio to your intervention to make it more explicit.

Finally, the Analytics tool enables to identify quickly the most used keywords during your interventions and to obtain a more precise analysis of your industrial equipment issues.

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Mobility Work's analytics tool forecasts are based on data collected from thousands of users working on the same equipment.

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Repairs or investments? 

It is hard to answer this question when you have no information history. Several parameters must be taken into account, but all this information will not appear in your Excel CMMS, which will require substantial additional work: extracting data from your ERP, crossing files, finding the right indicator, formulas and calculations, etc. This can take up to a few days, and it is quite hard to justify the purchase of a several million euros equipment with these elements.

To help you taking this decision as quickly as possible, we created the Mobility Work Analytics tool. Easily connectable to any kind of data system, it will enable you to link your information (consumption of your ERP exchange piecesintervention cost on your equipment, etc.) to your maintenance interventions. For more information, do not hesitate to check out our tutorial.

To conclude, it is very difficult for a company which does not own any CMMS to take the right decisions and to improve its maintenance management (calendars, qualifications and subcontractor’s management, equipment criticality, work permits, etc.). It also implies intervention preparation times which are not optimal and which may cause delays in treating different interventions. It is to answer this kind of issues that we created the Mobility Work CMMS.

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