Reduce Maintenance Costs and Improve Reliability With a Next-Gen CMMS

Deploy a Solution That Reduce Maintenance Costs

In today’s fast-paced industrial world, companies are constantly looking for better ways to gain a competitive advantage. Maintenance costs represent an important part of total operating costs and it is not surprising that many efforts are put into cutting them down.

However, prescient business owners have realized that minimizing maintenance costs doesn’t mean shrinking the budget but rather investing in smart solutions. Sacrificing the reliability of equipment and thus negatively impacting the quality of products and services can only put an organization into more difficulties. On the other hand, implementing maintenance productivity programs to increase the reliability of the equipment, the productivity of the workforce, to manage spare parts and material use can save up to 15% of total maintenance costs.

What are CMMS and Why Should You Consider Deploying One?

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are software designed specifically to help companies manage and streamline maintenance. The growth and evolution of the IT field has led to a dramatic increase in the capacity and availability of software tools for maintenance. Choosing the right asset managmeent software depends on company’ size, business goals, industry and many more. Here are two articles from Mobility Work’s blog that can help you choose the right CMMS:

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The dynamic development of the digital industry can make existing solutions obsolete in a very short time. Conventional maintenance management solution are usually difficult to use, require additional trainings, workforce and investments. A modern, next-gen CMMS should feature a mobile version, should be above all user-friendly, flexible and versatile. Mobility Work is not just a software but a strategy smart tool, combining software, network and platform in a complete maintenance solution.

The selection of the wrong maintenance management software, a difficult implementation as well as poorly selected and managed objectives very often result in project failures. Therefore understanding the features of an asset management software, comparing different software options and aligning them with the organization’s business goals is of critical importance for the successful implementation of an asset management software.

Mobility Work features the two most important criteria for a successful deployment of a maintenance management software – ease of adaptation to maintenance processes and usability.

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Maintenance Work Orders Management

Work orders are at the heart of the CMMS. They are used to initiate, track and record all activities related to maintenance. Work orders begin as intervention requests (IR), which are then approved, the work is planned, executed and finally recorded. Work orders contain detailed maintenance data and provide valuable information on maintenance performance, costs and equipment history as:

The name of the maintenance task with start and end dates

Detailed information on the use of spare parts

The detailed work instructions for each step of the maintenance intervention

The costs for materials and workforce

Detailed information about the employee who performed the task

The work order life cycle: where the work order comes from, when it was planned, approved, executed, etc.

Once the work order has been completed, the information can be used to track the maintenance costs of the equipment in the CMMS. The two main types of expenses tracked are time and material expenses. The company’s backlog is very useful to analyze downtime, equipment failures and employees’ schedules and performance.

cmms software mobile

All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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Equipment Management

By scanning the NFC chip of the equipment you can access all necessary information about the machine in Mobility Work, including location, subcomponents, used parts, interventions, failures, plans and images.

Mobility Work stores the entire maintenance history of the equipment as well as preventive and corrective maintenance operations, parts replacement, the time and type of downtime of the equipment, which makes it possible to analyze equipment performance and maintenance costs.

Planning Your Preventive Maintenance

The establishment of a successful preventive maintenance plan is one of the most crucial steps towards regular maintenance actions leading to increased equipment reliability and improved productivity. Maintenance planning is strategic and refers to the maintenance culture of an organization and how this one is planning to perform asset management in a long term.

Preventive maintenance plans include service tasks to be performed for certain equipment at predetermined time intervals. The system then uses these plans to automatically create work orders.

Mobility Work can schedule the work for you according to the calendar time, for example on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis or simply according to a certain meter reading, for example 500 hours of use. By doing so, Mobility Work takes into account asset maintenance policies, preventive maintenance programs, tasks, components and resources required for certain interventions.

asset management software

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Spare Parts Management

For many organizations, maintenance, repair and operating supplies are consumed in the production process but are not part of the final product. Since the inventory can today represent up to 40% of the annual procurement budget, it is important to have the right parts at the right time without investing too much. Having accurate, up-to-date inventory data is essential for an efficient spare parts management.

Consult our blog articles on how Mobility Work can improve your spare parts management:

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Mobility Work is a next-gen CMMS, inspired by the latest digital trends and aiming at facilitating smart, dynamic and lean asset management. The solution ensures that scheduled preventive maintenance procedures are conducted on time and thus improves the overall performance of the company.

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