SDT Ultrasound joins the official Suppliers' Catalogs of the CMMS

This month, we are welcoming SDT Ultrasound Solutionsprovider of ultrasound solutions for predictive maintenance, who joins the Suppliers' Catalogs of the Mobility Work community-based CMMS platform!

By integrating the Mobility Work platform, the SDT teams have selected for you a set of ultrasound monitoring solutions enabling users to better understand the state of health of their production tool. The goal is to help prevent failures, control energy expenses and improve the quality of their production, while helping to extend the lifetime of their installations.


Founded 45 years ago, SDT Ultrasound system's mission is to develop state-of-the-art technological solutions for maintenance, in accordance with the real requirements of the industry.

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The total availability of your machine park being an almost unattainable objective due to the potential failures of production tools that are sometimes difficult to anticipate, SDT's goal is to provide you with the tools to foresee them as early as possible, to plan the necessary interventions while minimizing their impact.

The ultrasound solutions offered by SDT contribute to the close monitoring of the health status of your facilities. Well implemented and mastered, these solutions allow you to adopt a proactive approach, all the more so if they are accompanied by the use of a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) tool, simple to use and featuring planning functionality and a turnkey analytical dashboard such as Mobility Work. 

SDT and Mobility Work thus share a common objective: to simplify the daily life of maintenance teams by enabling them to make a successful transition from curative to preventive maintenance and by improving the monitoring of your installations thanks to simple solutions that are as close as possible to your daily problems. 

Ultrasound, a key tool for preventive maintenance

Ultrasound (sound pressure wave with a repetition frequency of more than 20 kHz) can be the first sign of a change in the operating state of an asset, indicating a defect that could lead to a failure. Ultrasonic frequencies thus play a major role in the early detection of failures, unlike other asset condition monitoring technologies, which are more suited to a more advanced stage of deterioration.

cmms catalogue sdt

Early detection of these defects allows maintenance teams to be proactive in managing this incident: planning downtime, ordering spare parts and mobilizing adequate resources to carry out the operation.

Lean more about SDT's ultrasound solutions

For example, SDT's data collection systems allow you to detect, measure and analyze friction and impact in mechanical systems, and quickly identify costly energy waste.

SDT tools also allow you to track 4 key monitoring indicators (4CIs), characterizing the health and performance of an asset:

  • Overall RMS value
  • Max RMS value
  • Peak value
  • Peak factor

The monitoring of these 4 indicators on your ultrasound solution allows you to be one step ahead of the health of your machine park, and to make a successful transition to preventive or even predictive maintenance.




By joining the community-based maintenance management platform, SDT Ultrasound Solutions makes its catalog but also its expertise available to the platform's users. The advantages for CMMS users are real:

  • Don't waste any more time creating your equipment manually, and duplicate the official references in one click!
  • Access official product data sheets, filled in and kept up to date by the manufacturers themselves: description, technical information, documentation... This information sharing between maintenance teams and suppliers helps you fight against the obsolescence of your equipment. 
  • Exchange with your suppliers through your CMMS: a question or need a piece of advice about the use of a product? Use the Chat function to discuss with your supplier. If you want to know more about a product, use the Contact function to send an e-mail.

Suppliers' Catalogs are now also available for the mobile version of your CMMS.


Tip: All SDT products come with a technical data sheet, now available from the Documents section of each product sheet!

To find all the SDT Ultrasound Solutions references, as well as those of your suppliers, go to the Supplier's Catalogs menu, or find your product sheets from the search!


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