A Smart CMMS for Improved Agriculture and Farming Maintenance

CMMS: Improved Agriculture and Farming Maintenance

The agricultural sector is of primary importance for the entire life of a given economy. It relies on natural climate cycles as well as on scientific and technological innovation. From the first seed to the bread on the table, the supply chain encompasses workers, complex equipment and facilities. A reliable CMMS plays a crucial role in this process ensuring that all machines are working properly.

Forced by the changing weather conditions, market competition and demanding consumers, ingenious farmers are trying to make every facet of their businesses more efficient and reliable. A modern CMMS solution can significantly increase the availability of all equipment involved in seeding and growing operations machinery and thus maximize ROI while streamlining the entire maintenance process.

A next-gen CMMS can enormously ease agricultural and farm maintenance routines with a full range of monitoring, scheduling and predictive maintenance features.

The Sector’s Challenges

Because of their dependency on climate, agricultural professionals are exposed to narrow time constraints. Guaranteeing the reliability and availability of the equipment in these precise time windows is one of their main concerns. Malfunctioning machines can massively damage the soil and the crop.

Another big challenge are the complex and constantly-evolving regulatory requirements concerning the state of the assets as well as the seeding process and the quality of the crop.

Mobility Work, the next-gen maintenance management software, offers a reliable solution to any of the sector’s challenges.

Planting the Seeds of Change or How Mobility Work Can Improve Your Farm Maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance

A successful preventive maintenance program includes the scheduling and execution of regular maintenance checks to identify and address underlying potential problems that may not be visible yet but could cause failures. One of the primary goals of a CMMS is to guarantee your assets’ health by automating all PM work orders and checkups.

cmms agriculture and farming maintenance

Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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Team Management

A CMMS allows you to oversee the performance of your team members, easily track all the tasks and, if necessary, relocate resources accordingly. Every team member can follow up the work of the team by simply logging into the system anytime and anywhere from any smart device. Work orders can be automatically generated and the work schedule is extremely flexible and adaptive to the changing regulations.


Machine and operators’ safety is a core concept of today’s computerized maintenance management systems. In the agricultural business, safety implies the environment as well as the prevention of leakages and waste.

These are the three most important pillars that a modern maintenance application delivers to farmers, making them achieve equipment availability, reliability, safety and regulatory efficiency.

How Is Mobility Work Different?

Mobility Work is a computerized maintenance management platform, combining a SaaS software, the 1st social maintenance network and a marketplace, connecting machine and consumable manufacturers with other industrial players like managers, maintenance technicians etc. The versatility of the product allows every user to benefit from a wide range of features.

Mobility Work possesses all important maintenance management features of a conventional maintenance management software but combined with industry 4.0 induced qualities. Mobility Work can be easily connected to any ERP system or sensors. Its analytic tool can store, manage and process important data and ease critical decision-makings. And the most important thing: Mobility Work comes with a real-time, mobile application, available for both iPhone and Android that always keeps you connected. The solution is fully loaded with features (geolocation, news feed, spare parts management) which primary goal is to leverage all the available and relevant technologies in order to make your job easier, drive productivity and improve efficiency and all this in the most user-friendly way.

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Benefits of Mobility Work for the Agriculture and Farming Maintenance at a Glance:

- Plan and track all maintenance interventions

- Manage spare parts

- See all your farm assets and their history

- Reduce downtime

- Improve uptime

- Prevent breakdowns

- Reduce expenses on equipment repair and spare parts replacement by applying preventive and predictive maintenance strategies.

 cmms agriculture farming maintenance software

All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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Mobility Work helps farmers to avoid equipment breakdowns during busy season, increases safety and dramatically improves efficiency. The solution lets you pre-plan interventions and spare part purchases and automates your entire maintenance cycle. By only using your smartphone, you can easily control all maintenance tasks while being out in the field.

Mobility Work CMMS is a user-friendly and flexible product that can evolve with the growth of your organization and easily adapt to your changing needs.

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