Mobility Work Hub: What Are The Advantages On The CMMS Side?

You may have been using Mobility Work CMMS, our community-based maintenance management platform, for a few months or years now. It is your daily work tool and you know most of its functionalities. A modern and flexible CMMS allows you to set up a sustainable, efficient and economical strategy and thus to optimize your maintenance operations. We therefore work on a daily basis to regularly develop new features, capable of meeting your expectations and your ambitions as maintenance professionals.


It is in this spirit of development and with the desire to adapt to your needs that we have created the Mobility Work Hub supplier platform. It is aimed at service and equipment providers, industrial suppliers as well as machine manufacturers. However, the first to benefit directly from it are technicians and maintenance professionals, who use our CMMS.

What are the benefits for our CMMS users?

The maintenance management platform’s users benefit from the Mobility Work Hub platform through catalogs, imported by our partner suppliers, such as Fuchs and many others. The suppliers’ catalogs contain all the products and reference data sheets (equipment, consumables, spare parts, services, etc.), which are a valuable aid in the management of maintenance operations.

You have access to all these documents directly via your CMMS, from the Supplier Catalogs menu or thanks to the search function (Supplier Catalogs tab).

The advantages of this platform are numerous and differ according to each individual's needs. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantages that Mobility Work Hub offers to CMMS users.

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Access your suppliers' documentation

The essence of this project is based on the desire to bring together suppliers within a common base, and to unite their products and services in a catalog, accessible to users of our community-based maintenance management platform.

This catalog gives you unlimited access to services, equipment and supplier documentation. Indeed, our suppliers aim to establish a professional relationship of mutual aid with our CMMS customers, who use their machines on a daily-basis. Thus, to support you in your maintenance operations, a supplier can send you technical documentation, safety instructions and many other resources concerning its machines. As a user, you therefore benefit from qualified advice, directly from the source.

Access to these resources is, to a certain extent, certainly necessary for a better management of maintenance operations: a wide choice and diversity of products means more possibilities to meet all needs, even the most specific ones.

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Consult the official catalogs of suppliers and manufacturers to find the product you need and save time while on the field

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Duplicate equipment

Mobility Work aims to facilitate each step of the CMMS installation process. In our view, deploying a CMMS should not be synonymous with constraint, which is why we have chosen to simplify the data entry process by giving you access to our supplier catalog.

This allows you to find all the products and services offered by our Mobility Work Hub suppliers, so you no longer have to waste time manually entering information about machines or spare parts, which has already been entered by the supplier.

You can then click on "duplicate equipment" from the search or on the product sheet to duplicate the piece of equipment and add it to your network. All information will be automatically copied from the official product sheet, filled in and made available by the supplier. 

This feature allows the teams and technicians who use it to save time and increase their productivity tenfold, two essential elements in the daily life of maintenance professionals.

Exchange in real-time

Our two platforms, Mobility Work Hub and CMMS, have been designed to promote communication and collaboration between maintenance technicians and suppliers, two complementary professions.

You thus have the possibility to exchange in real time with your suppliers via your app. You can ask them questions and ask them for advice about your equipment or the use of a product. You can also share your opinions with them and give them constructive feedback about the products they offer, with the aim of obtaining equipment and machines totally adapted to your needs. Establishing this professional mutual aid relationship will allow you to optimize your maintenance and to better understand your equipment, machines and products.

Use the Chat function to exchange, and if you want to know more about a product, use the Contact function to send an email.

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Do not hesitate to exchange in real time with your suppliers: ask them your questions and give them your advice.

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The sector of industrial maintenance is constantly evolving; it therefore makes sense to establish concrete maintenance strategies, to be well equipped and to maintain a quality network. The Mobility Work teams wish to offer you a unique and next-gen maintenance management tool, which is adapted to the profession and its constraints, but not only. Mobility Work Hub and the suppliers’ catalogs allow you to go beyond daily maintenance tasks and make your mark on the industrial maintenance market.

In the long term, the collaboration between maintenance technicians and suppliers promotes the good development of the plant and the company, in particular thanks to real-time exchanges. The suppliers’ catalog is also a great help in the fight against machine obsolescence, because, regularly updated by suppliers, the elements contained therein meet the needs of maintenance professionals and are totally adapted to today’s maintenance world. 

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