CMMS: The Adventure Continues At Engie Solutions

Depending on the sector, Computerized Maintenance Management System solutions have become essential tools, but it is crucial to choose the right CMMS, depending on the company's needs. One can choose the needed solution alone or with the help of a service provider.

cmms testimony engie solutions

Engie Solutions agencies act as service providers within the framework of contracts and set up customized solutions for their customers according to their problems. For the second time, our team met with one of them, the agency of Engie Solutions Lyon 1 (France), to talk about their experience with Mobility Work.

“Mobility Work: How did the idea of deploying a CMMS solution arise? 

We discovered Mobility Work CMMS after it was implemented in the Lyon 2 agency a few years ago. Pierre-Etienne Lebeau, method and expertise referent within an Engie agency (read his interview on the Mobility Work blog), told us about this solution and was very satisfied. Shortly after, we were contacted by a customer for a contract with a CMMS request. Since we had been told about Mobility Work, we quickly decided to make an appointment with Anthony Blanchard, account manager at Mobility Work, who presented us the solution. This CMMS perfectly met our expectations and corresponded to all our criteria.

cmms testimony engie solutions

How long has the tool been in place at the Lyon 1 agency?

We started implementing Mobility Work CMMS at Lyon 1 three to four months ago, and it has been fully functional for a few weeks now. It is still very recent. 

Overall, in terms of raw time (filling in the equipment and installing the CMMS), everything was done quite quickly. Mr. Blanchard was by our side throughout the installation process to answer our questions and assist us. So it didn't take us long to understand the tool and get the hang of it, especially since only technicians and managers are using the application for the moment - but our goal is to soon allow our customers to use the solution.

What did you think of the data entry process?

Entering the equipment was not difficult, as our contract did not have many pieces of equipment to register. All we had to do was enter the equipment, the number of pieces, give it a name and attach a picture. 

What convinced you to test the solution? 

The positive feedback, but also the ease of use and the ergonomics of the application convinced us to implement it. The freedom of the user also seduced us: with Mobility Work he or she has control over the equipment he or she wishes to integrate into the contract and can easily manage his of her organization. The interface accessibility and its attractive price are two elements which also played a lot. 

We didn't even really need the trial period: during a meeting with the business managers for the given contract, we attended a complete presentation of Mobility Work and that's how we were convinced. 

What is the feature that you use most?

The Mobility Work maintenance management system is very new to us, so we haven't taken advantage of all its features yet. Thanks to the "click and drag" function of the calendar, we can easily and quickly make all the necessary changes to the calendar, something we could not do so easily before. 

The responsiveness of your teams is also a real plus: you have always been able to quickly answer our questions and provide the right solutions. 

cmms testimony engie solutions

With the Mobility Work CMMS software, the maintenance teams organize their working day thanks to the calendar

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Which version of our platform do you use most often?

We use both the web and mobile versions of the platform. Indeed, all our technicians have tablets, so they use the mobile application; the project managers, on the other hand, use the web version from their office. This is due to the fact that they use the application differently: the project managers plan all the interventions and organize the preventive maintenance operations over the year; the technicians carry out the work orders and use the checklists a lot. The checklists allow the technicians to keep an eye on the work that has been carried out and they allow us to have a structured follow-up. 

Does the Mobility Work CMMS solution assists you in your preventive maintenance approach?

Our work is to recommend strategies of preventive maintenance on all our contracts. It is obvious that the Mobility Work CMMS solution assists us in this process on a daily basis. Once all the information was recorded in the application, it was immediately possible for us to create work orders, intervention requests and to follow our statistics. 

We don't use this last feature much yet, but that may change in a few months, once we have recorded a little more data in the CMMS.

cmms testimony engie solutions

What are the company's future plans concerning the solution? 

We would like to continue to develop your CMMS within our Engie Solutions agency in Lyon 1, and use it on many other contracts. But it's a project that hasn't come to life yet and is under discussion."

Thank you very much to Engie Solutions for sharing their experience with the Mobility Work community-based maintenance management platform! If you want to read more user testimonials and follow our news: subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social networks!

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