UX Series 1 : Mobility Work at Setforge BDI

Setforge Barriol & Dallière Industries is a subsidiary of Farinia Group and is specialized in the manufacturing of upset forged components up to 5m length for automotivetrucks and off-highway. Setforge BDI's components are employed in the automotive, trucks and off-highway industries. One year and a half ago, David Deschamps, the maintenance manager of BDI decided to change the current CMMS and try Mobility Work. In a few months only, this software has become the basic pillar of maintenance management at BDI. Its simplicity, modernity, efficiency and the machine network that it encompasses made the tool an important asset for the company.

MW: Since when do you use Mobility Work?

David Deschamps, Maintenance Manager at BDI: Setforge Barriol & Dallière Industries started using Mobility Work on June 15th, 2015. First I tested the software alone for 15 days. Very fast I realized how much potential was there and was curious and eager to implement it in the maintenance routine of the entire plant.

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All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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MW: Why did you choose Mobility Work among other CMMS software?

DD: Compared to other CMMS tested at BDI, Mobility Work has convinced us with the following advantages. First of all, the tool is accessible anytime and anywhere from any smart device. The only thing you need is a reliable Internet connection.

Secondly, Mobility Work usability is amazing. It is extremely easy to create and edit tasks, archive them or search for them. The tool enables efficient data management. The upload of pictures and all types of documents related to a piece of equipment is fast and simple. In fact, we needed only 2 days to register the entire BDI equipment.

And last but not least, Mobility Work provides you with an access to a huge equipment database where professionals can share knowledge or compare machines.

MW: What were your team’s first impressions?

DD: Since Mobility Work has very intuitive design and no previous training is required, the team could immediately recognize the tool’s efficiency. They were all amazed how easy it is to enter data and activities. The color code of the planned tasks eases significantly the workflow. Almost everyone pointed out the news feed, which delivers a quick and comprehensive overview of the work, carried out at the factory.

MW: Which Mobility Work features became essential for your maintenance program?

DD: The software is constantly evolving and adapting to users requirements that makes it very attractive. There are weekly updates on all features. At BDI we are often using the task listing which allows quick analysis. Other features that are integrated in our process are: calendar, spare parts, data analysis retrieval, and correlation with SAP for orders.

MW: During the time you have been using Mobility Work CMMS software, did you encounter proper service support?

DD: Yes, definitely. The MW software doesn’t have any serious bugs. The support team fixes immediately some minor reported problems.

MW: What are your future plans about Mobility Work?

DD: Today, Setforge BDI's maintenance team counts 12 technicians who are using Mobility Work everyday. The next step will be to convince all plant’s production managers to the join the community and to use Mobility Work's provided data in their routines.

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