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CMMS Software at Lipotec

Joaquín Guimerá is a maintenance and engineering manager at Lipotec, in Gavà (Barcelona region, in Spain) and a user of mobility Work CMMS. With 38 years of experience in industrial maintenance, he has been working at Lipotec for 12 years already, a Lubrizol group subsidiary specialized in the production of cosmetic actives and in the development and production of final cosmetic products for other companies.

Mr Guimerá agreed to share with us his experience of his remote deployment of Mobility Work, the next generation maintenance management platform. Thanks to him for agreeing to be the first non-French user to testify!

Mobility Work: How did you know Mobility Work CMMS, and what convinced you to test the product?

Joaquín Guimerá: I have been on LinkedIn for several years; one day I came across a post on social media about a social network dedicated to industrial maintenance. Led by curiosity, I researched this product and I quickly understood that it was the maintenance management tool my service needed.

We had been unsuccessfully trying to implement a CMMS solution for a year, which was way too complicated to use. So I had to convince my manager that this investment was useless, and we decided to try Mobility Work instead.

Can you tell us more about the deployment of Mobility Work in your factory?

We implemented it from day one, and we integrated our equipment as we went along, according to our needs. To be honest, Mobility Work was very easy to deploy, and we could count on your team's help when we needed it.

Also, we have the advantage of being an SME, which allowed us to deploy Mobility Work quite smoothly.

What are Mobility Work’s main benefits according to you?

According to me, Mobility Work’s main advantage is its simplicity: we didn't have to explain how it works to anyone, at most a few small steps of use. You can easily have access to quality information.

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And finally, its strongest point I guess, is the team behind the product, which has been able to identify the needs of industry and provide an effective and constantly improving response.

Which feature do you use the most, that you cannot do without?

We are not using the social network of the app, whose purpose is to share with other external user companies.

We are interested in knowing what work must be done on each piece of equipment, which maintenance technician is in charge of this intervention, and how much time has been spent on it.

This data generates the necessary information to optimize the company's operations and reduce industrial maintenance costs.

Furthermore, we are starting to use features that we have not yet had the opportunity to discover, such as spare parts control in critical installations.

Which feature, which is not available yet, would you like to see developed first on Mobility Work ?

We are constantly subject to audits: ISO, hygiene, or commissioned by various customers we are supplying. As part of these audits, we are systematically asked to provide preventive maintenance plan. I would like to be able to easily show a maintenance calendar in which only scheduled preventive tasks would appear. I also wish I could only show the associated preventive actions on the equipment page, and nothing else. In other words, we would like to be able to clearly separate preventive work from the rest.

Finally, we would also need an automatic backup of all monthly information, which is essential to ensure the traceability of our interventions, as required as part for audits.

What are your future plans about Mobility Work?

Continue using the application, and get to know the different features we are not using already. I would also like to start using the application from a mobile device.

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During the time you have been using Mobility Work, did you encounter proper service support?

I am not satisfied, I am very satisfied: I received almost immediate answers to all my questions, and all the problems we faced - just a few - were solved.

I may sound like a Mobility Work advertisement, but I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this application. Congratulations!

Thanks to Mr Guimerá, user of Mobility Work CMMS, for delivering his honest testimony: users’ feedbacks are at the heart of our approach, and are helping us improve our product on a daily basis.

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