UX Series 2: Setforge Near Net Has Adopted Mobility Work

Setforge Near Net is a subsidiary of Farinia Group specialized in manufacturing warm and cold forged steel components for the automotive industry. The plant produces 10 million parts per year, weighing from 500 g up to 4 kg.

Maintenance Manager at Setforge Near Aurélien Deutsch had been searching for a new CMMS for quite some time. He and his team were not satisfied with the tool they were using, mainly because of its lack of modernity, simplicity and flexibility. Aurélien Deutsch wanted to adopt an intuitive solution, which doesn’t require any additional team training. He wanted all the members of his team to be fond of using it, and he also wanted it to be cost-efficient… Until he got to hear about Mobility Work

Aurélien Deutsch and his team implemented Mobility Work at Setforge Near Net on July 6, 2016. It took them only 2,5 days to register 100 % of the factory’s 200 machines. Since then, they have never stopped using the asset management softwareThey keep on exploring and incorporating all the tool’s features as well ast the latest updates in the plant’s maintenance routine.

Mobility Work’s team asked the following questions to Aurélien Deutsch and two of his team members, Etienne Lecaillon, Methods Maintenance Technician at and Michel Szuszmann, Electrician:  Do you find it easy to use Mobility Work? How would you describe the importance of this CMMS for your maintenance team?

Equipment Maintenance Made Easy

Aurélien Deutsch, Maintenance Manager: “It is difficult to believe how easy it is to register a piece of equipment and add a task on it. You can browse and search, just like on Google Search. Another great option is the possibility to stick a NFC chip on the equipment and scan it directly to get all the information on your mobile phone.

Mobility Work CMMS is so intuitive and easy to use that the team adopted it straight away and now everyone uses it every dayEverybody wants to share information, texts, pictures, and videos. People want to add data, references, and spare parts again and again. The only limit is their creativity.”

Etienne Lecaillon, Methods Maintenance Technician: “We live in a fast-paced high-tech time. Mobility Work is a very modern and powerful tool which helps us to cope with the challenges of big data and routine schedules. It is very easy to use; the color codes system is definitly time efficient. It is a real social network providing a real equipment database.

Michel Szuszmann, Electrician: It is impressive how easy it is to use Mobility Work. Everything is clear. The tool is available in English, French or Spanish. A significant advantage over common CMMS products is that you can attach photos or videos, that are sometimes much more relevant than a text description.”

Happy Maintenance Team Means Increased Plant’s Productivity

Aurélien Deutsch, Maintenance Manager: "After only one week, the entire team was using Mobility Work CMMS and they couldn’t stop talking about it. Younger and older maintenance technicians were and still are equally involved. It is amazing to see your team discussing on how they could provide the most accurate information.”

Etienne Lecaillon, Methods Maintenance Technician: “From the very beginning, everybody at the plant quickly became familiar with the software and started using it immediately. Today everyone is satisfied and happy to incorporate it in its daily routines. The first thing I personally do at work in the morning is to open Mobility Work CMMS.

Michel Szuszmann, Electrician: "From the moment it was implemented, I used it as if I had been using it for years.”

Mobility Work Improved Communication Within the Maintenance Team

Aurélien Deutsch, Maintenance Manager: “Now all maintenance activities, tasks and data are available everywhere and can be shared between morning shift, afternoon shift, support and management. Follow-up on tasks is easy and everything is updated in real time; no more hassle with papers or to-do lists.

Mobility Work has drastically improved communication within the maintenance service and there is no doubt that it will improve the plant efficiency over the next few months.” 

Etienne Lecaillon, Methods Maintenance Technician: “With Mobility Work, one can assign tasks, number of interventions, documents and all possible information to a piece of equipment. This is how one can very quickly anticipate a problem by reviewing an existing diagnosis.”

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Michel Szuszmann, Electrician: “A simple click is enough to search and find a machine and the assigned information.  A team member can easily follow the work of all his colleagues.  In addition, there is a history record in our CMMS which enables us to find everything that happened in the factory over one year. It is very well done.”

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