UX Series 3 : A SPIE professional evaluates Mobility Work

CMMS: SPIE professional evaluates Mobility Work

Michel Huet has an extensive experience as a SPIE Ouest-Centre site manager at different manufacturing sites and a user of Mobility Work CMMS. He is currently working at the FMGC site in Soudan.

SPIE Ouest-Centre is a French subsidiary of the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications. It provides a wide range of services and expertise in General Electrical Installations, HVAC Systems and Fluids, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Processes & Automated Systems in western France and the Centre region. SPIE is internationally recognized for its high standards and extensive knowledge in designing, developing, operating and maintaining facilities that offer advanced energy efficiency and improved environmental performance. 

MW: For how long have you been using Mobility Work and what were your first impressions?

Michel Huet, SPIE Site Manager: I have been using Mobility Work since the beginning of my mission at FMGC. When I arrived, the CMMS had already been integrated in the company’s maintenance routines. 

At first I felt a little tensed since it was a very new product and I had never used it before. But my nervosity only lasted for a couple of minutes. As soon as I logged in, I realized it was the easiest and most efficient CMMS I had ever seen. I could start using it immediately and I easily adopted all the new functionnalities while the product evolved. Everything is clear and user-friendly. The intuitive design makes my working process smoothly flow and enormously eases my new works and maintenance support schedule. 

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MW: How does Mobility Work benefit your work?

MH, SPIE Site Manager: As a site manager I am responsible for assessing and minimizing risk by maintaining quality control procedures and safety inspections. I have to react fast and my schedule is very tight. I also coordinate and supervise workers and select tools and materials, which are indispensible for the execution of any possible task. With Mobility Work I can easier organize and follow up the team’s workflow. But the most important is that I can track, search and maintain the stock of all necessary tools and materials. This was always a laborious and time-consuming process. Since I have been using Mobility Work I am actually amazed how much time I can save.

MW: During the time you have been using Mobility Work, did you encounter proper service support?

MH, SPIE Site Manager: I have never experienced any difficulties while using the solution and therefore I can not really evaluate the service support.

MW: What are your future plans about Mobility Work?

MH, SPIE Site Manager: I thoroughly believe in the big potential of this product and would continue exploring every new feature. It will be great if the software creators could provide the interaction between the tasks preformed by outside companies, the issued invoices and the ongoing orders. This will even more facilitate the communication between SPIE and FMGC.

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