UX Series 4 : Simplify your new construction team's job

CMMS software : Simplify your new construction team's job

Stéphane Monnier is the New Construction Manager at Fonderie et Mécanique Générale Castelbriantaise (FMGC - a foundry located in Soudan, France) and a user of Mobility Work CMMS Software. Stéphane accepeted to answer our few questions and to give us his testimony about the use of Mobility Work CMMS by his team for investment and New Construction management.  FMGC is the European leader in grey cast iron counterweights manufacturing. 
Thank you Stéphane for your time and returns, which are more than precious for us. 

Mobility Work: Please Stéphane, Could you tell us what does your job consist of?

Stéphane Monnier: The New Construction department is responsible for managing the whole site's investments as well as part of the building maintenance. The New Construction department’s missions cover:

  • The definition of investment budgets in accordance with the established business plan;
  • The preparation of projects and consultations;
  • The follow up of all involved companies” actions during a project;
  • Budget monitoring.

Mobility Work: Why did you choose working with Mobility Work CMMS software ?

Stéphane Monnier: My initial plan was to use Mobility Work exclusively for building maintenance management. But I soon realized that managing all investment files with Mobility Work would also be very interesting. Now it allows us to assign companies per project, to control their maintenance planning and scheduling, and above all to calculate the amount of needed maintenance intervention hours.

Mobility Work analytics tool also allows us to make regular check ups based on accurate data analysis per project. We can now easily consult and extract the relevant data that we could not access before through the integrated analytic tool. This tool is very easy to use because it is very intutive.

cmms software example analytic

The Mobility Work application's Big Data tool helps you make better decisions with customizable indicators.

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Mobility Work: How did Mobility Work adapt to your profession’s needs?

Stéphane Monnier: To be quite honest, Mobility Work’s initial features largely met our department’s expectations and needs. The biggest evolution was the integration of the analytics tool for the administrators, which allows them to monitor the cost of the entire project, maintenance interventions and spare parts. This tool makes it extremely easy for us to study the CAPEX maintenance files. In addition, a lot of work has been performed on the visual aspect of the interface to facilitate the use.

Mobility Work: Did the implementation of Mobility Work CMMS Software impact your daily professional routine?

Stéphane Monnier: Yes Sure. Previously laborious tasks became fast and easy with this tool. In particular, Mobility Work simplifies the search for equipment-related information that we need in order to prepare the investment files. It also eases a lot the subcontracting companies’ invoicing process - "1 task - 1 company"

Mobility Work: What is the biggest benefit of Mobility Work for the New Contrusction department?

Stéphane Monnier: We save a big amount of time on low added value tasks and we can use this precious time to concentrate on substantive work for our cases.

Mobility Work: Is there any particular feature that you would like to be added to Mobility Work CMMS Software?

Stéphane Monnier: In the analytics tool, we would like to be able to know all the costs associated with a certain piece of equipment during its entire lifetime.

By selecting a piece of equipment for a chosen period of time, we would like to be able to access the following information:

  • Maintenance hours;
  • Spare parts consumption;
  • Suppliers services’ costs linked to this equipment. 

This new feature would allow us to quickly identify the most consuming equipment in terms of maintenance costs and would add an very interesting additional piece of information to guide future investments.

Furthermore, I would recommend that subcontractors are granted a specific access, exclusively on their assigned tasks.

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