UX SERIES 6: Mobility Work at Bericap

“We successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, during which Mobility Work CMMS particularly stood out”

Hubert Marion is an equipment, infrastructure and molding maintenance manager at Bericap France, manufacturer of plastic closures, for the two French factories of the group. Having been convinced to join the next gen maintenance management platform by one of his colleagues, he kindly agreed to talk about his personal experience with Mobility Work.

For how long have you been using a CMMS ?

Hubert Marion: When I joined Bericap 6 months ago, I met a colleague who had already worked with Marc-Antoine Talva (CEO of Mobility Work) in his previous company. My colleague used to be a maintenance manager, and M. Talva was in charge of implementing a CMMS tool, and that is how they met each other and worked together on maintenance management. As a matter of fact, the tool they used to work with were neither efficient nor operational, and this is how Mobility Work came about. My colleague started using it in his former company, and then introduced it to me at Bericap when he joined the team and asked me to try to implement this tool. This is how we started using it in July 2017 in both French factories.


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I was immediately convinced by its user-friendliness: being a maintenance manager, I was allowed to choose which tool to use for my co-workers, and I was convinced by the Cloud-based solution, available on any mobile device or desktop. User-friendliness and easy implementation played a key role in the decision.

Is Mobility Work properly implemented in your company?

We started using the tool in July 2017. Productivity was quite low during the holidays - July and August, but from September, we quickly became operational. At the end of October, 80% of the tool was deployed, and it is now fully operational in one of our factories.

This success particularly speaks for itself when demonstrating the product to auditors: as a matter of fact, we successfully obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification, during which Mobility Work particularly stood out. We also presented the tool during the AIB (American Institute of Baking) audit as one of the main tools of our maintenance management. The auditor highlighted the fact that the interviewee was “passionate about the use of Mobility Work”. We also presented it during FDA (Food and Drug Administration) controls and Tetra audits, Tetrapak being one of our clients with very specific audits, knowing that molding, infrastructure and equipment management fully rely on Mobility Work. The efficiency of the product was highlighted once again.

How does Mobility Work benefit your work?

The easy implementation within the company was key: we used to work with an outdated CMMS, which was not the same in our two French factories. Between September and October 2017, we successfully registered more than 80% of our equipment and managed to be fully operational in a very short period of time. This applies to the maintenance team, as much as quality or production service. Easy implementation is a major benefit for us.

Which feature do you use the most, that you cannot do without?

I would say equipment creation, because it makes everything so easy: I can easily integrate a piece of equipment to a production line, and create links: I can link a cap to a mold, a mold to a press, a press to a conveyor belt, etc. I can also add tags, related to a client or a type of products, a group of caps for example. These can be easily found using the search bar.

cmms ISO 9001:2015 certification

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What are your future plans about Mobility Work?

To this day, we are actively using Mobility Work, and the stockholders of the group are well aware of this situation. We expect them to be fully convinced of the efficiency of the app in the medium term. The main goal is to implement the tool throughout the 24 sites of Bericap Group all over the world: USA, Canada, South America, Middle East, China, Southeast Asia, Russia, Northern Africa, etc.

Which feature, which is not available yet, would you like to see?

Although this feature already exists, spare parts management deserves to be improved in our opinion. Thanks to Mobility Work CMMS, we are able to manage spare parts, to add or to remove a part from the stock but when it comes to restocking and ordering parts, it is not very easy to know its state: whether if the order has already been placed, if it has been placed automatically by the system, or it we have to ask the client because it has not been placed yet… In our opinion, this feature could be improved, that is why we are still using an Access database to this day. I wish we could directly access certain data on the equipment page, including trends, latest orders, etc.

Did you encounter proper service support?

The team is very reactive, and can easily get in touch on the phone with the members of the technical team. However, my coworkers and I had some troubles with Intercom (the app’s messaging tool): we issued several requests to which we didn’t get any proper answer regarding their state. Nonetheless, I was informed that a big improvement project would be initiated in early 2018 regarding spare part management, as previously mentioned.

Thanks to Mr Marion for delivering his honest testimony: user feedbacks are at the heart of our approach, and are helping us improve our product on a daily basis.

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