Next-gen CMMS for A Proper Facility Management

Facility Management: why is a CMMS important for your company?

Facility management is a milestone in the successful functioning of any organization. Thus it is important to know its role and that its proper establishment has a great impact on business. As any other maintenance process, facility management can be enormously eased and improved by pro-active actions and modern CMMS solutions.

FM is Much More Than Changing Light Bulbs

The activities and responsibilities of a facility manager reach much further than simple maintenance tasks. Professionals are actually there to guarantee that the business is running smoothly every single day by conducting inspections to ensure the safety and usability of all facilities. Their everyday decisions are supposed to make the organization evolve as well as to help define future improvement strategies for equipment and infrastructure. Their plumbing skills will of course always be appreciated but much more is required to be good at this profession, like for example management skills and expertise in mechanical and electrical matters.

Looking after asset’s health is at the core of every successful maintenance strategy. A valuable FM program will include the care of equipment, building components and infrastructure but also the company’s culture and employees’ well-being. The scope of work is basically encompassing everything from workplace care through lease, cleaning and accounting to marketing and hospitality. The smart approach would include the integration of latest IT systems as well as applications like a FM software to ensure a complete compliance and increase the overall efficiency of an organization.

FM is a process of managing and maintaining the facilities in an organization while maximizing the productivity of the business and improving employees’ conditions.

What is proper facility management and why is it important?

A proper facility management strategy is the one that cuts cost and improves staff productivity by deeply penetrating all business aspects. All this is possible only with pro-active, scheduled actions helping to analyze why an issue has occurred and how it can be avoided or minimized in the future.

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All news related to ongoing interventions are available from Mobility Work mobile application's newsfeed, available on iOS and Android. 

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Therefore the deployment of a modern and especially mobile FM software is essential to gain efficiency and save time and energy. A smart solution allows professionals to work with big amounts of information and obtain valuable insights into the facility management lifecycle.

Modern mobile maintenance application allows facility managers to work on the go, while staying agile, responsive and flexible.

A next-gen CMMS for Smart FM

The integration of a FM Software has many undoubted advantages but one of the most crucial ones is the massive shift in maintenance routines from corrective to preventive actions and even predictive algorithms. The workflow gets easily organised, work orders are controlled and assigned while the facility’s unique requirements are fulfilled. A FM software gathers all precious information as material and consumable requirements, assets intervention history, spare parts list, scheduled rebuilds and condition-monitoring data. All this information is available 24/7 anywhere on any smart device.

Mobility Work is a unique maintenance management platform that can be easily integrated by any organization to cover its specific maintenance needs. It offers a next-gen maintenance management software with user-friendly interfaces that doesn’t require any additional training and, at the same time, that allows facility managers to perform assessments but also to track and manage company’s property and utilities. It is moreover the 1st maintenance social network connecting you to other professionals sharing the same challenges all over the world. And last but not least, Mobility Work is a marketplace where service providers and consultants can meet industrial players as maintenance managers and technicians, production managers, equipment or consumable manufacturers, etc.

Putting a solid maintenance routine in place requires a high-quality CMMS which will guide you through the transition from corrective and crisis maintenance management to planned and preventive interventions.

How Does a CMMS Benefit Facility Managers?

As a valuable tool for the effective and efficient execution of a facility management strategy, Mobility Work can benefit professionals in numerous ways.

  • Increased Asset Life

Practicing preventive and predictive maintenance in a long term can drastically improve and prolong equipment availability and reliability.

  • Transparency

Mobility Work CMMS helps managers follow and coordinate the actions of other employees and take into account past and future interventions for critical decision-makings.

  • Increased Productivity

The solution can plan and track employees’ availability.

  • Scheduled Notifications

The system will send notifications when the next planned maintenance intervention is due.

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Mobility Work’s calendar feature allows you to schedule all your preventive and predictive maintenance tasks. 

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  • Improved Internal Communication

All organization levels can have an access to Mobility Work and enter a new work request or follow the progress of an existing one.

  • Reporting and Analysis

Mobility Work can store any possible data, from plans and images to condition-monitoring data and asset history. This is a valuable source of information that can be used in the refinement of highly critical decisions and the creation of predictive maintenance algorithms.

  • Spare Parts Management

Purchased parts and supplies can be tracked in one system.

  •  Audit and Compliance

A FM software can help facility managers prepare a facility for a forthcoming audit and track regulatory and professional certifications to maintain the legal and safety aspect.

Mobility Work CMMS allows facility managers to gain greater insights into the facility they manage and enables them to better analyze problems and make more informed decisions on various topics as industry health and safety regulations, effective waste disposal and improved management of common areas as the parking space. Only businesses that can recognize the value of facility management and involve facility managers in strategic decision-makings can achieve a competitive advantage and increase overall business productivity.

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