Why Your Roofing Company Needs a CMMS?

Computerized Maintenance Management System Improves Project Planning, Completion, Time and Cost

Article submitted by Danielle Lee

The roof is now more than a part of a house or a building structure. It has evolved as an integral component of a complex building that includes the foundation, walls, windows, and other structural components. Installation, maintenance, and repair of roof require a lot of planning and work. The roof is expected to perform more than its basic function to better serve customers, the environment, and the community.

If your roofing company offers these services, it is essential that you create a system that tracks every customer orders and manages every service you rendered. This makes everything easier and more efficient. Here are the basic functions of a CMMS (computerized maintenance management) system that can be beneficial to your business.

  • A management software will be able to help you and your company plan projects while tracking previous ones.

  • Managing important project details such as project completion, time, and costs. The data that can be gathered will allow the company to effectively manage all three for future projects and if there is anything that is veering off track.

  • Management software helps in scheduling and time management. It allows the company to properly schedule projects and take staff’s work schedule into account.

  • Proper budget management and resource allocation. This is one of the most important functions of a CMMS. It ensures that budget and resources are being allocated properly by checking the records in real-time. The software also determines the planned budget versus the actual work budget so the project manager can align the work and budget accordingly.

  • Project collaboration. If your company has separate teams or department that are project-specific, you can use a management software to designate individual and team tasks. It also allows a great opportunity for collaboration. Individuals and teams would be able to discuss projects, exchange documents, plan timelines, and other work.

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  • External and Internal communication. A CMMS can be a great tool for communication for everyone involved in a project such as the company, stakeholders, and clients. This way, everyone can provide feedback, review progress, and make necessary changes in just one place.

  • Project Monitoring. An effective system and software is a great tool for monitoring the progress of an existing project. Knowing the progress and gaining insights of whether the work will be completed on time or not is an essential part of any work or business.

  • A CMMS helps your company to make the right decisions. Having all data in one place enhances the decision process and make them more accurate.

  • Ease of use and documentation. Your company does not need other methods to break down a project, make schedules, allocate people, and manage budgets if you have a good management software that has all these basic functions. It is also a great tool for document sharing to enable people to locate comprehensive documents, specifications, wireframes, and other essential information for better communication and transparency.

  • It boosts customer satisfaction. Getting every project done on time and within budget makes customers happy. These customers will definitely back for another project someday and your business will flourish. A smart CMMS system offers tools for effective customer and company relationship.

Major Benefits of Having a CMMS software

Most roofing CMMS are specifically designed to suit your roofing business with the best technology and user-friendly interface to deliver your unique needs.

There are several kinds of software that can cater to the specific need and function of your roofing company such as marketing, sales, budget estimate, and project management. You will be able to manage your business anywhere and keep track of your workflow to enhance productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Roofing Estimates

Every project that consists of roofing estimates needs to be managed. You must log it in the system so you can be reminded to follow-up on a project and secure it. The numbers can help you optimize decisions, customize, and make adjustments based on your customers’ needs and requirements. The software should also allow you to offer fast turnaround times for roofing estimates.

All of these make a big difference to gain a competitive advantage and to provide extraordinary customer service. A roofing CMMS should allow you to create customizable options for you to build. The roofing estimates can be built into the system within seconds, and all prices and cost calculations can be formulated for every project.

Enhanced Workflow

After the project has been allocated to a team or specific individuals in your company, any progress can be tracked and updated. This will enable you to get things done faster and reduce costs, as well as ensure project completion on time.

Increased Profits

A roofing software can help you view, track, and update the progress of all open projects. Each stage of a particular project can be viewed in a systematic manner and adjusted if necessary. All data about a particular project or customer in the past can be used productively to customize products and services. The information can be used to cross-sell or upsell other services that may have been overlooked.

All functions such as client and project history feature, scheduling, task management, budget allocation and quotes estimate, marketing, time tracking, and client and lead management can help your company may reach its full performance. This will help boost the efficiency of your company and increase your profits.

Company and Customer Satisfaction

In terms of business fulfillment, a CMMS can help boost the confidence of your staff every time a project is properly done and completed promptly, which in turn, also translates to enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Any business needs an organized solution when it comes to planning and running a project. Your roofing company can greatly benefit from having a maintenance and management software to boost maximum efficiency, get accurate results and promising profits, and achieve peak performance. You should utilize and take advantage of this technology to give your company the competitive advantage and set it apart from its rivals in the industry.

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