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Mobility Work is a next-gen maintenance management platform (CMMS) and also the first social media dedicated to maintenance. Mobility Work’s web and mobile applications were developed to help you enhance your maintenance management thanks to a very simple tool that doesn’t require any previous training.

You will probably find below the answers to your questions. If not, you can also check our Help Center.

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The features
of the Mobility Work CMMS software

The following list gathers all of our CMMS application’s features:

The social media dimension of the Mobility Work maintenance management platform allows our users to login to interact with other users from a large variety of a same group’s companies. They can also exchange with a specific community of external users who face the same issues.

Each company has the possibility to choose the confidentiality level as well as the audience of the content it wants to share information with.

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Deployment kit
of the Mobility Work CMMS

You will find below the steps that are necessary for a good deployment of Mobility Work CMMS:


Fill out the data import sheet on an Excel file
(intervention history – equipment list – spare parts list – maintenance plan – users list)
Download the import sheet Watch the tutorial to fill out the sheet


Importing data via our team


Web training of your key user(s) – 30 minutes


Beginning of the 7-day free trial


Train your technicians to use the application thanks to our training video


Feedback with our team at the end of your free trial

Best practices
for the good implementation of your CMMS

The 5 following tips will help you implement Mobility Work CMMS:

Equipment management is at the heart of the functioning of your CMMS software. It is of critical importance to define it, because it is at the center of the interactions between users and their intervention statistics.

Tags enable you to customize information available in Mobility Work CMMS in order to get a more accurate feedback regarding your maintenance interventions.

It may sometimes be quite difficult to register a piece of equipment in a traditional CMMS software, but with Mobility Work, there is nothing easier: 2 minutes are enough!

New technologies are a growing part of our everyday lives, from the QR codes on the foods we eat to the NFC chips in the anti-theft devices attached to the clothes we buy. And all of these elements will need to be integrated into your factory's CMMS project.

You have some difficulty using our CMMS solution? Our Help Center is here to help you! Many questions are registered and experts will be able to answer your questions, even the more technical ones.

Frequently asked questions
by the Mobility Work platform users

We only charge companies for administrator and technician profiles (30 euros/month/technician). The production and service provider profiles are free. The price includes application updates, support and data integration.
Mobility Work’s data are hosted and backed up in the Amazon Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany.
All the data you save in Mobility Work CMMS belongs to you and therefore cannot be used without your agreement. You are free to decide what you want to share. In case of termination you have the possibility to get all your data back.

You can choose between several solutions: flat files (.csv), Open API, etc. For more information on the subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
No, Mobility Work is only available in SaaS.
The application is regularly updated for free in a transparent manner for all the users.
It is available online for free for all users. Its aim is also to deal with the on-field or software issues and to allow users to suggest improvements.