1 Million Registered Hours of Intervention for Mobility Work

The 1st Maintenance Community is Growing Rapidly

Since its launch in May 2016, Mobility Work – the 1st technical maintenance social network and next-gen CMMS has reached the tremendous numbers of 158,383 registered machines, 457, 262 registered operations and 1,007,997 hours of intervention!

Many large industrial groups and OEMs have already implemented Mobility Work in their daily maintenance routines and many others are about to test the product.

Committed to continuous innovation, the team is launching weekly updates to meet the needs of all Mobility Work users. Our customers are impressed by the application’s user-friendlyness, allowing the fast and smooth implementation of the product and assuring the acceptance and the willingness of the team to work with. Most of them reported a significant improvement in their maintenance performance thanks to Mobility Work. 

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