CES 2019: one week with Mobility Work

On Friday, January 11th, CES closed its doors on the 2019 edition. Some 10 hours of flight time and more than 8,700 kilometres later, Mobility Work’s delegation returned to its Parisian headquarters after four days of full immersion in Las Vegas for one of the most famous trade show dedicated to high-tech innovations.

CES: Mobility Work in the spotlights

As her mind is still filled with stories and unforgettable experiences, Morgane Guinot, co-founder and COO of Mobility Work, shared with us her first impressions.

Ready, set, go!

“If I had to sum up CES in Las Vegas with only a few words, it would probably be: unexpected opportunities and a huge amount of motivation for the team!”

Seizing new opportunities: it is exactly what CES is all about. The adventure began a few months earlier: booking a booth, plane tickets and accomodation… As weeks passed by, our team was getting ready to meet potential customers and partners, and to give Mobility Work CMMS greater visibility. If it does represent a significant investment, Morgane Guinot, however, was already convinced by the importance of such high-scale event.

CES 2019 gathered more than 4,500 exhibitors including developers and suppliers of high-tech consumer solutions, content and technology delivery systems, as well as a program of 250 conferences and more than 180,000 visitors from all around the world. From 8th to 11th January, both exhibitors and visitors of CES 2019 discovered Mobility Work next-gen CMMS.

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Conquering the US market

After consolidating its position on the European industrial maintenance market, Mobility Work now seeks to conquer new horizons. Las Vegas CES has allowed the team to assess the appeal of the US market for its next-gen CMMS. In order to achieve its ambition, Mobility Work is counting on partnerships with local suppliers to push its international development.

“In the end, the results have exceeded our expectations. We have been approached by numerous companies, including larger international organizations!”

For Mobility Work, the 2019 edition of CES was rich in connections. At the end of this four-day exhibit, our team had established several privileged contacts with qualified interlocutors who seemed satisfied with our next-gen CMMS. On the booth, our colleagues welcomed over 200 leads from well-known companies of the building and construction, transportation, real-estate, homeland security, aeronautics, automotive or hotel industries… Around 50% of them run their activities in the USA, 40% in Europe and 10% in Canada or South-America.

A true human experience


Thanks to its presence on the show, our team had the opportunity to gauge emerging high-tech trends. On Monday morning, our five colleagues came back their heads full of great ideas and inspirations to implement in our technology, our marketing and even HR activities. But if there is one thing to remember from the 2019 CES edition it would be the human experience associated: “Spending one whole week in Las Vegas with such a great team gives you the opportunity to know each other better, to share stories and experiences and to dream together about everything coming ahead”, says Morgane Guinot.

Thanks to this great experience, the entire Mobility Work team will be able to redouble their efforts to deliver a next-gen CMMS software that meets the market’s needs as accurately as possible. Until we meet again at CES 2020, click here and register for our webinar for more information on Mobility Work CMMS.

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