This year, CES 2020, the global tech fair, brought together visitors from all over the world and saw inventions from all sectors. Once again, Las Vegas was the scene of unprecedented technological innovations. For the third consecutive year, a part of the Mobility Work team flew to Nevada to present our CMMS to international visitors!


During the 2020 CES edition, all eyes were staring at innovations related to the Smart City, thanks in particular to the 25% more exhibitors than last year specializing in this field.

The exhibitors worked twice as hard to meet the challenges that our cities are already facing. Visitors were able to discover autonomous cars and other electric vehicles to compete with Tesla, a pioneer in this field. The crowd also raved about Uber's crazy flying taxi project in partnership with Hyundai!

ces 2020 flying taxi uber

As the need for data and fast transmission is becoming more and more important nowadays, the subject of 5G was on everyone's lips. Many companies presented their solutions (computers and smartphones, connected cars, etc.) and the main American telecom companies took turns praising this technology and committing to its gradual deployment.


While in recent years the industrial sector was thought to be on the decline, the CES 2020 has once again proved that innovations in this area have their place in the technological landscape of the new decade. For example, Mobility Work, which offers a platform for mobile and community-based maintenance management, available in SaaS and completely different from traditional counter-intuitive and expensive software, has found its audience.

The members of our team sent on-site for the occasion had the chance to welcome no less than 300 visitors to their stand and to identify a hundred leads: that's three times more than last year!

ces 2020 cmms industry

Daphné, our communications manager, was very happy about it: "We've had a great success! We have benefited from increased visibility thanks to our presence in the Central Hall of the LVCC and to word of mouth, as several delegations especially came to our booth during this week. We also had the honor of introducing renowned companies to Mobility Work CMMS". A point of view shared by Victorine, our event manager: "I was very satisfied with this 2020 CES edition as our location allowed us to benefit from increased visibility!".


Many of the visitors who visited us came straight from countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia: all of them showed great interest in our application, as Daphné confirms: "As our solution is translated into 16 languages, its multilingual dimension appealed to our visitors. It can be said that Mobility Work is undeniably imposing itself as a global solution. Moreover, seeing all these innovations focused on mobility and increasingly adapted to our daily lives and living spaces confirms that the Mobility Work solution is anchored in its time and offers an innovative and up-to-date approach".

ces 2020 mobility work cmms

At the end of these five days full of emotion, the team is unanimous: "It was my very first time at CES and even in Las Vegas, and I can say that I was impressed by the scale of the show and the diversity of the exhibitors," says Alice, product marketing manager at Mobility Work. "Navigating at the heart of this global innovation show during this week has been very inspiring". This is also what Daphné and Victorine will remember: "The team was blown away by all the new products presented during the show! It's always interesting to see these futuristic innovations put forward by the technology giants”.

The CES 2020 has been the first major event of this new year, which gives us a glimpse of some fine prospects. See you next year to push the limits of technology even further and play with innovation!