CMMS New Features: Analytics and Scheduler

Each month, you will now find on our blog a summary of the latest developments and new features of Mobility Work CMMS. Over the past few weeks, our teams have mainly focused their attention on the new analytics tool, now available to all users directly in the tool from the Dashboard menu. This tool is essential for teams because it allows them to visualize all their industrial maintenance data in the same place. It is therefore easier for them to define the best maintenance strategy to implement (corrective, predictive, preventive, etc.) and to optimize the processes in place.

Improvement of the analytics tool

The past month was marked by the arrival of the new analytics, accessible from the Dashboard menu, and by its improvement over the weeks. Thanks to this flagship software tool, all maintenance data is compiled in one place, allowing all users to analyze the actions taken and maintenance managers to, for example, gather the right data for morning meetings with their teams.


Mobility Work CMMS is provided with an analytic tool to help you analyze all your maintenance data and adapt your strategy

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Intervention times on machines and tasks, number of tasks and activities performed over the selected period, top ten cost centers, top ten labels used to classify the tasks performed (curative, preventive, mechanical, night shift, etc.)... All these indicators will allow users to have a general overview of their work and managers to draw conclusions from it to seek to improve their processes.

Discover our analytics tool

New features in focus:

  • New evolution graph of tasks number

  • New evolution graph of activities number

  • New graph of the evolution of the time spent on interventions

  • The time is now displayed in hours and minutes in the bubble that appears when you hover over a point on the evolution graphs

  • Displaying graphics in monthly view by default

CMMS: a scheduler for administrators

Thanks to Mobility Work, users have access to a calendar, which allows them to better visualize the tasks they have to perform in the coming months or weeks and to plan their preventive actions. They also have the possibility to use a filter panel, thanks to which they can see the agenda of one of their colleagues, display only scheduled, late or archived tasks, choose one or more labels or even show tasks contained or not in maintenance plans. The tool also provides the user with the total time spent on the tasks that appear for the selected month.

This month, our teams have therefore developed a scheduler, which completes the agenda. This new function is only accessible to the administrators of the network(s) to which they belong, from the Agenda menu: it gives them the possibility, always using the same filter panel, to view the tasks of several of their technicians at once and to move these tasks to better organize their teams' days.


Try Mobility Work CMMS - 7 days free Watch our demo

An increasingly intuitive CMMS

In addition to the development of these two major new tools, we have also made some modifications to your CMMS.

For example, it is now mandatory for users to change their passwords after making a reset request, in order to ensure the security of their data. Our teams have also fixed some minor bugs in parallel.

Our software is improved every week to best meet the different needs of our users and to offer them an intuitive, easy to use and scalable solution. Thus, we adapt to all types of industries and sectors with one main idea: recentralize information to simplify industrial maintenance on a daily basis!

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