CMMS Mobility Work achieved ISO 27001 certification

In 2018, Mobility Work, the first CMMS and collaborative maintenance management platform, began a support process with France Certification. We are now proud to announce that we have achieved certification to ISO 27001!

This certification granted by Bureau Veritas proves Mobility Work's success in implementing an effective information security management system.

cmms certification ISO 27001

An ongoing commitment to compliance 

The ISO 27001 standard is the reference in terms of management systems for the security of computer data throughout the world. It is an international standard of reference, which allows an optimal management of the risks related to information security. 

The main steps that make up the process of complying with the requirements of ISO 27001 certification are as follows:

  • Decryption
  • Identification of assets (value-added data)
  • Risk treatment plan 
  • Drafting of a security policy within the company
  • Dashboard: factual approach, management of indicators, objectives, methods
  • Awareness and Human Resources Management
  • Evaluations of suppliers, subcontractors, according to the security prism
  • Management of emergency solutions and exceptional risks
  • Statement of applicability

For Mobility Work, a startup founded in 2016, this certification marks a new stage, just a few months after the Audit Trail (security log) functionality went online. This feature was implemented with the aim of making the Mobility Work solution compatible with the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) 21CFR11 standard, which defines the rules to be respected, in order to meet the challenges of traceability of electronic records and signatures. 

Mobility Work thus confirms its desire to become a major actor in the CMMS market

Morgane Guinot, CEO of Mobility Work, explains: “For us and for our customers, this certification is proof that we have implemented very good practices from the outset of our information system, in terms of security management. It is a strong sign of our commitment to provide our customers with a robust solution and quality service. The team and I are very proud of it”.

A pledge of confidence for clients from large groups 

Almost 5 years after its launch, Mobility Work continues to work daily on the stability, reliability and security of its maintenance management application, an essential issue for manufacturers. 

Not all of them require their partners to be certified, it represents a guarantee of confidence for their clients.

According to Édouard Verdurand, Digital Project Manager at Saint-Gobain, “this certification gives us greater confidence in our relationship with Mobility Work, and removes a barrier to deploying the application on several sites. It also assures us that the Mobility Work teams carry out their developments with rigor and professionalism, thus reducing the risks linked to cybersecurity. (...) It also demonstrates Mobility Work's ability to set up a demanding infrastructure and processes that comply with best practices”.

cmms certification ISO 27001

Certification, a lever for the development of partnership

While CMMS customers recognize Mobility Work's efforts and commitments within the framework of this certification, the company's partners also benefit from this compliance, particularly in the processing of their customers' data. This is notably the case for RS Components, a leader in the B2B market for industrial supplies and electronic components, whose partnership with Mobility Work was announced in September 2020. Among other things, the latter announced the project for the two partners to work on tool integration possibilities, in order to jointly enrich their offers.

For Karine Masson, GDPR Coordinator at RS Components France, “The fact that our partner Mobility Work achieved certification to ISO 27001 is very important for us. It allows us to fully trust them for the processing of our customers' personal data. Mobility Work thus complies with RS Components' commitments, in particular through a sufficiently robust information security management system. This certification guarantees the protection, improvement and performance of the information system and is an essential asset for developing our partnership.”

This certification is an important step in building the relationship between Mobility Work and its community. We are proud to be able to serve the needs of our customers with a robust solution and team, as well as with rigor and professionalism. This certification reinforces Mobility Work's ability to implement a demanding infrastructure and processes in line with best practices.

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