CMMS new features: chat and stock management

Each month, we publish on our blog a summary of the latest features of Mobility Work CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System). This month, discover how to use speech recognition in your software and how to get better organized with the new agenda in the mobile app.

You can also discover our new features on video! (click on [cc] to activate the subtitles)

What’s new on your CMMS?

In the last few days, you've seen new features on the web version of your CMMS software. Let’s take a glance.

Enhanced voice recognition functionality

Mobility Work is a community-based maintenance management platform, one of the main objectives of which is to save you precious time. For this reason, we wanted to provide the web version of our solution with voice recognition.

next-gen cmms voice recognition feature

From now on, you can fill in your checklists orally as you create them (name, description of the different steps), as well as your labels, groups of labels and your custom fields.

Improved tasks and activities management

With the latest CMMS updates, it is no longer possible to add an activity to a task that has already been archived. At the same time, only users with an Administrator profile can unarchive a task. 

You should also consider tasks names can now only be modified by the person who created them, in order to guarantee the best traceability of all your operations.

A mobile CMMS app closer to your needs

Since the redesign of our mobile maintenance management application at the beginning of the year, our team has kept on working hard on new features.

Gain speed with search filters

Simply filter your search, thanks to a now improved filter panel, to find the information you need about your equipment, tasks, assigned users, machines with or without maintenance plans. You can also use the filters in the search to display tasks according to their scheduled date, in ascending or descending order.

cmms filter search industrial maintenance

You also have the possibility to classify your labels by color, to find the same codes as on the web software.

Real-time chat feature

Use the chat functionality to contact your colleagues and exchange with your team in real-time and directly from the field. You can also create groups if you wish to share information on a broader scale.

mobile cmms chat

With this new feature, you save time if you need to intervene on critical equipment since you are informed within seconds and can respond and react immediately.

Manage your stocks on mobile

Now, open the tab “Stock management” in the left menu and find some information, among which:

  • The number of spare parts in your network
  • The number of spare parts to be replenished
  • The list of your spare parts
  • The possibility to change the stock in one click
  • The ability to replenish stock quickly

With this new option, accessible for Administrators, you can search for specific parts you might need, filter them or scan their QR codes.

Get organized thanks to “My Calendar”

Finally, discover the new menu “My calendar” in your mobile CMMS application. There, you can view all your tasks (archived, ongoing or upcoming) in calendar format.

cmms calendar

In the blink of an eye, the technician can check what he has to do during the current day, week or month, and make sure he doesn't miss any information. Simply select a day to view the list of tasks assigned to him, and follow up on their status.

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