CMMS new features: creating, printing and security

Each month, we publish a summary of the latest features of Mobility Work CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) on our blog. Throughout the past weeks, we have been developing new features related to the checklists, the calendar, the design and the security of your application.

You can discover those new features on video! (English subtitles available)

Create a new task from the checklists

At Mobility Work, we are constantly looking to improve our community-based maintenance management platform, and if the application evolves on a daily basis, it is mainly thanks to the feedback of our users.

This month, we have taken into account your requests regarding the checklists. Now, in the event of a non-compliant check requiring an intervention, it is possible to create a new task directly from the checklist.


In the case of a non-conforming control requiring an intervention, you can create a task from the checklist

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Print the task overview

Last month, we developed a feature for you to print your checklists. Once again, feedback from our users confirmed that this option could be of great help in the field.

Therefore, you will now also be able to print out the overview of your tasks. To do this, you can click on the "printer" icon next to the task.


The feature "Print task overview" allows more flexibility and efficiency in the field

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Improvement of the “search” design 

Among this month's updates, we also improved the design of the feature “equipment and spare parts search”. The goal of this update is to provide you with an application that is as readable and accessible as possible and to optimize user experience.

Enhanced security of your CMMS

Your CMMS is your personal workspace, which you can share with your network if you want to. However, we have reinforced the security policy for passwords: they must now meet several criteria in order to be compliant, especially when signing up to the app. As a reminder, we advise you users who already registered to check the strength of their password: it must be long enough, and include at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one special character.

You can log in to your Mobility Work application to discover the new features or sign up for a free 7 day trial! 

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