CMMS new features: checklists and maintenance plans

Each month, you will now find on our blog a summary of the latest developments and new features of Mobility Work CMMS. Over the past few weeks, our teams have been working on several new features and improvements in order to better meet your requirements and to offer you more flexibility.

Manage your maintenance plans in your CMMS

Mobility Work CMMS allows its users to manage their maintenance plans easily: they are directly added by the operators to the equipment that makes up the plant's machine park and help industrial maintenance teams keep a very accurate record and follow-up of all their operations. Thanks to this feature, technicians and managers can better exchange information smoothly between teams.

In June, our teams improved this tool by giving users the possibility of directly adding a checklist on a maintenance plan when they create it. CMMS users will enter, with one click, the checklist that corresponds to their needs in order to respect a clear process. 

These maintenance plans, as well as all other tasks and activities, will then be copied to the calendar, the perfect tool to help users navigate through the team's work planning. Now you can choose how you want to view the calendar by changing the time slot or date for more accuracy.

Create your tasks and organize your day easily

Other notable improvements have occurred in the past few weeks. First, the task creation form of your CMMS software has been improved, it now allows you to better manage the mandatory labels and create a task on a time slot and/or date.

The scheduler, available directly in the CMMS solution for users with an administrator profile, allows managers to display, on one single calendar, the agendas of several users at once. This allows them to move scheduled tasks from one date to another by dragging them. Thanks to the new update, the administrator can now display this calendar in week mode to have a more accurate view of activities.


Administrators have access to a scheduler, which allows them to see several technicians’ calendars in one single place and to better organize their days!

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The last improvement concerns the dashboard, also known as analytical tool, which is accessible to all users. Thanks to it, teams can visualize all the data they have entered in the CMMS in the form of graphs, which show you, according to the period, the equipment, users, labels, etc. selected, the number of tasks performed, the time spent on maintenance activities, the most active users, the most used labels (curative, preventive, mechanical…), etc.

This maintenance data analysis tool is particularly useful for team managers who can use it to organize their morning meetings or make regular reviews of plant activities. It will also help you to adapt your maintenance strategy according to the dysfunctions observed and, why not, to implement a predictive maintenance strategy. Thanks to the work of our teams, you can now print the various graphs from your CMMS and make them more visible to all technicians.

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