CMMS - Control the privacy of your data

With Mobility Work, You Can Easily Manage the Confidentiality of Your Equipment Information

Mobility Work is not only a next-gen CMMS software enabling to improve maintenance management, but also a platform enabling maintenance players to exchange information.

Manage your assets using the app (equipement, documents, spare parts, etc.), and schedule maintenance interventions for your team or external providers.

A Platform to Share Information

The Mobility Work CMMS mobile app allows you to connect anonymously with a community of users sharing the same issues on the same equipment. You can find information related to:

  • equipment (issues, maintenance plans, etc.);
  • interventions (solution to the issue);
  • documents (manufacturer’s documents, electrical schemes, pictures, videos, etc.);
  • manufacturers or service providers (ratings, etc.).

Mobility Work’s idea is to foster opportunities to share good practices using a simple and user-friendly CMMS app. However, you are free to choose whether you want to share or not your information with the community (documents, interventions, equipment).

Several Privacy Levels

If you work on a confidential asset whose information you do not want to share with other members of the Mobility Work community, you can edit the visibility of your piece of equipment in order to make it only accessible to your network. Choose the visibility between 3 privacy levels: my plant, my industrial group, or the community.

  • My plant - 1 network;
  • My industrial group - several factories;
  • The community - public information.

The first level “My plant” is equivalent to a totally private network for your company (or subsidiary if you are part of an industrial group). The information is not available to users outside the network; however, users of the network can access the community’s public information.

The second level corresponds to a group of several networks (subsidiaries from the same industrial group or a joint venture). The information available in your CMMS is only accessible to the users of this group. Before sharing your information with the whole community, sharing it with several companies of the same entity can be a good start, and is often quoted as one of the main quick benefits by the users of the Mobility Work CMMS.

The third level corresponds to a public visibility, for the whole Mobility Work maintenance community, that is all the users of the CMMS software.

Benefit From The Power of The Community

To this day, more than 80% of the equipment in Mobility Work are available to users. As a matter of fact, maintenance managers and site managers using Mobility Work are mainly willing to share their experience with other industrial players sharing the same issues as them on a daily basis. However, the names of the industrial sites and users are not accessible to all users, in order to protect users and to keep some data confidential. For example, an ABB robot can be visible as “Pierrick’s ABB robot”.

Either way, you data belong to you, and you may extract your network data at any time in any format.