CMMS new features: design and analytics

Each month, we publish a summary of the new features of Mobility Work CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) on our blog. In Novembre, our teams worked on the new design of certain strategic pages and developed a new tool in the dashboard.

Brand new equipment and search pages

Mobility Work is doing everything possible to improve navigation on its CMMS and offer its users an intuitive and easy-to-use maintenance management platform.

Equipment page

Your equipment page on the web application is evolving: our teams have worked on a new design, which still allows you to have access to the old view, by clicking on the right of the search bar. Now the page is more user-friendly and intuitive, it allows you to navigate between the different types of equipment and to see, at a glance, the information related to the machine.

cmms equipment management

It is now the same as the Report page, under the Equipment tab, to allow you to find what you are looking for quickly. You now also have a "Create" button directly on this page and an enhanced filter panel.

An enhanced design

In parallel, still on the web tool, our teams have worked on a new design for the newsfeed and for the task history. As a result, user pictograms have been improved and you have a better overview of the equipment involved in the task or activity, the deadline set, labels, etc.

mobile cmms new design

Your CMMS’ search tool is evolving

The search bar available in your application helps you to find the equipment you are interested in within a few clicks. You already had the possibility to filter the search results thanks to the filter panel once they were displayed; now you can even choose to exclude spare parts from these results.

cmms search tool community

New dashboard in the CMMS

The analytical tool provided by Mobility Work CMMS allows you to find, in one single place, all your maintenance data agglomerated in the solution. These allow you to visualize, for instance, the top 10 tasks performed by teams, the time spent on equipment or the top 10 most active users, all over a period to be defined. 

Today, you also have access to a dashboard on counters in this analytical tool.

cmms analytical tool predictive maintenance

To display the data, select the counter of your choice, which you have already created. Using the filter panel, you can then define a range of dates, select a particular piece of equipment or user or choose labels. Under the graph, other data is then available, such as the date of the reading, the counter reading or the equipment you were searching.


Smoother communication between teams

Mobility Work is a community-based CMMS: it’s a real maintenance social network. It connects all professionals in the maintenance sector, whether they belong to the same factory or group or work for two different companies.

This industrial maintenance management platform therefore encourages information sharing and discussion between teams, particularly via the chat tool. In this logic, users receive notifications. For a few days now, an email is automatically sent to the creator of a task when it is marked as finished.