CMMS - Improve your maintenance from your smartphone

The Mobility Work mobile app, available on the Apple App Store for the iOS version and on the Google Play Store for the Android version, gives you fast access to your maintenance schedule.

The latest update of your maintenance mobile app Mobility Work is now available online. The latest features include:

  • Improved intervention input;
  • Improved newsfeed;
  • Easier preventive maintenance scheduling.

Mobility Work mobile application helps you save and optimize time by providing you with a 24/7 access to your backed up and stored in the cloud data from any device, anywhere, using technologies such as RFID or NFC chips.

You can easily centralize and organize documents from all departments, use the search bar to immediately find a needed piece of equipment and access all related information.

With the Mobility Work mobile app you can now enable and receive alerts for expiring important documents and work orders, make immediate updates on their status and share them with the entire team on the news feed. As a matter of fact, technicians are increasingly working on the field and are resorting to mobile technologies. Mobile devices help technicians to enter and access real-time data, and allow them to be more flexible while improving the accuracy of your maintenance routine and information.

For further information, you can consult the following support materials: