CMMS New Features: How To Manage Tasks More Easily

Each month, we publish on our blog a summary of the latest features of Mobility Work CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Platform). In May, we made several improvements to the task management functionalities.

Learn more about these improvements in video (English subtitles available)!

Enhanced tasks management tools

One of the advantages of Mobility Work CMMS is that it allows you to manage your maintenance activities and interventions in just a few clicks. You can now create tasks directly from your calendar, simply by clicking on the desired date or time, for greater efficiency while on the field.

cmms calendar

The task creation form now displays the 5 task statuses available in the CMMS software: scheduled, started, started late, late or completed. You can find these statuses throughout the platform to guide you through the various interventions and allow you to have easily identifiable reference points.

Meanwhile, the "My tasks" module is now anchored next to the newsfeed on the CMMS web version. Once connected, you can quickly view the status of the tasks to which you have been assigned. Finally, note that it is no longer possible to edit a task when it is archived.

maintenance tasks cmms solution

Better schedule maintenance interventions with your CMMS

If the administrator profiles already had access to the scheduler tool in their CMMS software (to view the calendars of several of their technicians at the same time and organize their tasks), they now have an "Equipment Scheduler" (Calendar tab) at their disposal.

equipment cmms industrial maintenance

You can therefore better visualize the interventions scheduled on your machines and access their details in a few clicks.

Finally, regardless of your profile type, a new option has been added to your calendar. You have the choice between a detailed or simplified display, which will then limit the number of tasks displayed per day, all to ensure better readability.

 plan maintenance interventions cmms

You can now connect to your CMMS from the new login page to find out what's new this month, or create an account on the first community-based maintenance management platform!

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