CMMS: Mobility Work's New Dashboard

While every industrial company must adopt a CMMS software (Computerized Maintenance Management System) to optimize its industrial maintenance processes, choosing the right solution is critical. Traditional software aren’t adapted to the real onsite needs: expensive, long and complicated implementation… They hinder the teams instead of actually helping them organize their workdays.

CMMS and predictive maintenance

Next Gen solutions, like Mobility Work, the mobile and community-based maintenance management platform, have turned away from those archaic and outdated systems. Mobility Work CMMS is a Cloud-based SaaS tool which works like an industrial maintenance social network since it links managers and technicians with other users from their company, network or even with the entire user community.

With Mobility Work, you can adapt your industrial maintenance strategy to your needs. This solution is equipped with an analytics tool which presents your maintenance data as graphs and tables for easier analysis. With this tool you can see which of your network users is the most active, which equipment requires the most intervention hours, which tags were the most used… Your data is presented this way to allow you to implement a predictive maintenance strategy based on the results.

How does the new Mobility Work CMMS dashboard work?

The “Dashboard” section, located in the left sidebar, is split into three tabs: intervention time, number of tasks and number of activities. Clicking on these tabs filters the data results according to those three variables.

Once you’ve clicked on a tab, the filter panel (“Display more filters”) allows you to narrow the search by adding different criteria. These criteria are similar to the search parameters since they allow you to select assigned users and tags, choose the timeframe, filter tasks according to their status...

Find the data that interests you using the filter panel in the analytics tool to implement a predictive maintenance strategy.

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Summary graph

This graph (cf. screenshot above) shows the percentage of late, scheduled or completed tasks. The tasks are color-coded accordingly for more clarity. When the mouse hovers over the graph, the exact number of tasks appears in each category.

Depending on the filter criteria, the total number of tasks, activities, cumulated intervention time and average intervention time may appear.

Top 10 cost centers

In this space you can discover in which cost centers your maintenance teams or the selected user(s) spent the most time. This data appears on the right-hand side where you can visualize it in different forms (diagram, bar chart...).  

Top 10 equipment

This space provides you with the number of hours spent working on a piece of equipment as a percentage. This data is visible in the different charts and graphs as well as in the table. It gives you a detailed view of the machines which required the most intervention time.

Take a look at your CMMS to see which machines required the most intervention time.

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Top 10 users

This is where you can see the top ten most active users in your factory. The most active users are the ones who spent the most time using the CMMS. You can also access the number of hours each machine operator listed here spent on industrial maintenance. Once again, you can choose how your data is presented: table, chart or diagram.

Top 10 tags

This last area is where the most common tags used in your factory are shown. You can see the different types of interventions (curative, preventive, mechanical…) and determine which one is the most frequent in your factory. This feature is particularly useful for the maintenance manager who can, for example, present the factory data to his teams in the morning with a single click.

How can I create tags in my CMMS?

Top 10 of the most popular keywords

Still in the Dashboard menu, you can click on the Number of tasks or Number of activities tabs to access a graph which shows the most used keywords in your network. You can hover over it to see how many times these words have been used on tasks and activities.

Evolution of time spent

You can see here, at a glance, the evolution curve of the time spent by CMMS users on industrial maintenance tasks. You can choose the period over which the data should be displayed (daily, weekly, monthly or annual view) to obtain a detailed and complete report.

New Tasks status menu

You can click on the Tasks status menu to see the done, started, scheduled and late tasks according to three tabs: users, tags and cost centers. You have a set of filters at your disposal to get better results. You also have the possibility to click on the tasks legend to display finished or started tasks for instance (a task is considered started as soon as at least one activity has been finished).


This menu is particularly useful to manage all the internal resources according to the tasks and their status.

Mobility Work CMMS comes with several tools to follow tasks and activities performed in your network

Try Mobility Work CMMS - 7 days free Watch our demo

You want to set up a predictive maintenance system and improve your maintenance workflows using Mobility Work? Sign up now for a free demo of Mobility Work CMMS to benefit from this new analytical tool!

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